1969 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1969 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1969.
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Motion pictures studos have been called ""dream factories" and they are that- and more. They make graphic social, religious and historical comment in terms easily understood throughout the world. 20th Century-Fox studio was dedicated in 1928, the first to be designed for sound films. Since then scores of significant films have been launched from these acress, ranging from "Calvalcade," which won the company its first Academy Award in 1933, through "The sound of Music," which swept the Academy board in 1966. Under the stewardship of Richard D. Zanuck, executive vice president in charge of worldwide production, current enterprises range from "Hello, Dolly!" throught "Che!," about the Cuban revolutionary; "Paton: Blood and Guts," on the contro- versial World War II general, and "Tora! Tora! Tora!," the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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In purchasing any adult or child's bike, choosing the right style and proper size bike are the most important considerations. Even the finest bicycle will not be comfortable or easy to pedal if it is the wrong style or size for its owner (see Proper Fit Chart on page 21), or if it has not been adjusted to fit properly (see Adjusting Your Bike, page 20).

As a rule of thumb, lightweights and speciald models like the Run-A-Bout, Town and Country and Exerciser are suited to the riding needs of adults. Middleweights and Stingray models are designed for the younger set.
The type of riding you plan to do largely determines what gearing you should have. BBikes with derailleur gears are easier to pedal for adults. Coaster brake models are designed primarily for younger children. Derailleur gears greatly add to cycling pleasure, helping you to ride farther, in less time, with less effort. Multi speed gearing is a must if you ride any distance, over hilly terrain, or against the wind. Single-speed coaster brake models which are slower for neighborhood or distance riding.

For maximum bicycling enjoyment, let your experienced factory-franchised Schwinn Dealer help you choose the bike that's right for you .
Copyright, 1969, Schwinn Bicycle Company

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Five sprockets of different sizes on rear hub. One front sprocket on 5-speed, two front sprockets on 10-speed models. Shifting mechanism derails chain from one sprocket to another changing gears.

Two-Speed Hubs
Schwinn's 2-speed has a low gear for climbing hills and riding against the wind, and a normal gear for regular bicycle riding conditions.
1968 schwinn catalog 3 Three-Speed Hubs
Handlebar control shifts from one gear to another. Low gear for riding against wind or up hill. NNormal gear for ordinary riding conditions. High gear for riding down hill or with the wind at back.
Coaster Brakes
Simple and easy.....just stop pedaling and you coast. Push backwards on the pedal to apply the brake. First choice for the young rider; standard equipment on many Schwinn bikes, especially for younger children.

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Adjusting your Bike.......page 20
Bicycle features..........page 28
Convertibles..............page 37-39 Cycling and Health........page 41
Exerciser.................page 40
Fold-up Bike (Run-a-Bout).page 43
Guarantee.................Page 19
Krate models..............page 22
Ladies' Sports Bikes......page 16
Ladies' Tourist Bikes.....page 17-18
Men's Sport Bikes.........page 6-11
Men's Tourist Bikes.......page 12-15
Middleweight Bike Facts...page 31
Middleweights (26").......page 30-33
Middleweights (24").......page 34-35
Middleweights (20").......page 36
Parts and Accessories.....page 44-47
Proper Fitting............page 21
Quality Features..........page 19
Special Schwinn Features..page 9
Sting-Rays................page 24-27
Tandems...................page 4-5
Tri-Wheeler for Adults....page 42
unicycle..................page 48
Your Dealer...............page 29

1968 schwinn catalog paramounts tandem

Paramounts Tandems

New for 1969 Schwinn Paramount Tandems

The most luxurious bicycle-built for-two ever to skin down the highway- the Paramount Tandem. Doubly easy to ride. Chrome molybdenum alloy steel frame and front fork-light weight, but strong-aluminum wheels, 27" x 1 1/4" road racing tires, drop style handlebars, 10-speed derailleur, front and rear caliper brakes, alloy crank set and other fine sports equipment unmatched in quality Available in all Schwinn colors.

1968 schwinn  twinn and deluxe twinn

Bicycles Built for Two

Schwinn Twinn

Togetherness has an exciting new meaning when you ride a Schwinn middleweight tandem. Low bar, easy-mount design, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires. Sure stopping coaster and caliper brakes. Colors: Campus Green, Sky blue.

Schwinn Deluxe Twinn

Here's real outdoor entertainment for the whole family. Middleweight tandem with 5-speed gears for easier starts, faster cruising speeds, less uphill effort. Low front bar design. Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" nylon whitewall tires. Colors: Campus green, Sierra brown, Sky blue.

1968 schwinn  5

Background for the front cover the same of the other pages in this Schwinn COnsumer catalog are from the film set depicting Manhattan in 1890 for Ernest Lehman's production of "Hello Dolly!" at 20th Century-Fox studios, Hollywood, California. The movie set is proclaimed the most ambitious and ingenious effort of its kind ever made. It rises 12 stories in some places and the elevated railway carries a working steam-driven train. The "Hello Dolly!" complex covers 15 acres, but its most resourceful feature is not visible. It was constructed around 11 studio administration buildings without interfering with their utility.

In a quant lyrical period piece such as "Hello Dolly!" beauty of detail is the name of the game. Every part of the set must be realistic and architecturally consistent. The background of the adjoining picture consits of a horse-car station and a firehouse, authentic and chosen for their eye-catching style.

1968 schwinn  deluxe paramount

Deluxe Paramount

Designed for the skilled cyclists who wants unmatched performance in sports touring or road racing bike. Hand crafted and equipped with the finest components available. Ten-speed derailleur, 55 to 100 gear. Your choice of colors.

1968 schwinn  7

Experienced cyclists who demand the very best choosen Schwinn Paramounts, the ultimate in lightweight precision-built bicycles.

In bicycles the best in SChwinn...and the best in Schwinn is the Paramount. Only the finest steel alloys are used in the Paramount frames to combine light weight with strength and durability. Every component is carefully chosen for quality, crafts- manship and performance. Hand crafted in six frame sizes, with a choice of any Shwinn color. Write for full information and specifications sheet. Frames specially built to customers specifications at extra cost.

1968 schwinn  paramount track bike

Schwinn Paramount Track Bike

Whether it's the U.S Olympic Cycling Trials or the National Bicycle Championships, you're sure to find the leaders riding Schwinn Paramount bikes. Famous throughout the world in Cycling competition.The precision built track racing bike. Short, rigid, upright frame design for high performance. Aluminum alloy rims. Capagnolo Record high flange hubs tubular 27" x 1" silk sew up track tires.......$202.00

1968 schwinn continental and super sport Sports Bikes for Men

Schwinn Continental

Schwinn makes exercise and recreation easy with this high performance lightweight road bike. Crisply styled with diamond type frame. Standard Schwinn equipment includes 10-speed derailleur, 38 to 100 gear, patented, Twinn-Stik gear shift, dual position caliper levers, quick release hub, 27" x 1 1/4" road racing tires. Colors: Campus green, sierra brown, sky blue.

Schwinn Super Sport

Thrilling performance in Schwinn's finest sports bike next to the Paramount. Extra light, strong hand-brazed frame of chrome molybdenum alloy steel, 10-speeds, 38 to 100 gear, patented Twin-Stik gear shift controls, dual position caliper brake levers, front and rear quick release hubs, 27" x 1 1/4" road racing tires. Colors: Campus Green, Sierra Brown, Sky blue.

1968 schwinn  8

A wonderful experience awaits you when you ride a bike with derailleur gears that take the work out of cycling, making it easy for you to travel farther, faster. WHy tail when it's so easy to let the gears do the work, especially on hills and against the wind? That's the real fun of riding Gears that Go, the demands of road and riding conditions.

1968 schwinn  9

Dual Position Caliper Brake Levers
New! Convenient dual-position caliper the brakes while your hands are on any part of the drop handlebars giving you instant control plus an extra margin of stopping ability. Standard equipment on all 5 and 10 -speed drop bar sports bikes.

Quick Release Hubs
Just a turn of the quick release lever and your bike's front or rear wheel can be removed so your bike can be conveniently stowed away in th trunk of your car, ready when you want it. Men's Deluxe Paramount, Super Sport and Continental and Ladies' Super Sport models are equipped with quick release hubs.

1968 schwinn  varsity sport Varsity Bikes for Men

Schwinn Varsity
Year after year, the Varsity has proven itself as the best selling sports bike in the Schwinn line. All three versions of the Varsity are equipped with Schwinn`s line. All three versions of the Varsity are equipped with Schwinn's rugged diamond type steel frame, convenient Twin-Stik gear shift controls, 10-speed derailleur, 38 to 100 gear, sprocket chainguard, Schwinn 27" x 1 1/4" sports touring tires. Colors: Campus Green, Sierra Brown, sky blue.

Schwinn Varsity Sport

The all-weather sports model that's ideal for everyday use. Chrome plated fenders, drop handlebars, racing saddle, dual-position caliper levers and sports pedals.

Schwinn Varsity Sport

Real sports bike fun. Equipped with durable racing style saddle, dual-position caliper levers, drop handlebars and sports pedals.

1968 schwinn varsity tourist

Schwinn Varsity Tourist

A handsome, smooth riding tourist model with chrome plated fenders, torist style handlebars, deluxe mattres saddle, bow type pedals.

Men's Collegiate Models

The budget priced lightweight tourist bikes with derailleur geats that open the door to cycling enjoyment. Each of the three reliable Collegiate models has as standard equipment, 5-speed derailleur, 43 to 85 gear, patented single-Stik gear shift control, 26" x 1 3/8" touring tires. COlors: Campus green, Sierra brown, Sky blue.

1968 schwinn  collegiate

Schwinn Collegiate Sport

Discover the joys of cycling on this 5-speed lightweight. Drop handlebars for added leverage, less pedaling effort, new convenient dual position caliper brake levers.

1968 schwinn deluxe collegiate, collegiate tourist

Schwinn Deluxe Collegiate

Fully equipped 5-speed tourist model with generator operated headlight and tailight, 26" x 1 3/8" whitewall tires, chrome plated fenders, front and rear caliper brakes.

Schwinn Collegaite Tourist

Riding pleasure in a lightweight 5-speed tourist bike. Chrome plated fenders, front and rear caliper brakes, tourist style handlebars.

1968 schwinn  deluxe racer, racer Tourist Bikes for men

Schwinn Deluxe Racer

Conventional Schwinn lightweight styling for easy pedaling. Sturdy Schwinn diamond type frame, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, 26" x 1 3/8" nylon sports touring tires. Handbrakes on 3-speed only. Colors: Campus green, Sky blue, Black.

Schwinn Racer

Best chooice to economy and performance that add up to real value. Schwinn diamond type frame, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/8" nylon sports touring tires, foam cushioned saddle. Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Colors: Red, Sky blue, black.

1968 schwinn  speedster

Schwinn Speedster

Dependable Schwinn quality at a modest price. Specially designed electro-forged frame permits a lower saddle position for the shorter rider. Schwinn tubular rims, 26" x 1 3/8" nylon touring tires. Handbrakes on 3-speed model only. Colors: Sky blue, black.

1968 schwinn  11 Peyton Place

In February of 1969 20th Century Fox Television airs its 500th episode of "Peyton Place" on ABC-TV during its fifth year on the network. Credit for this red letter occasion goes to executive producer Paul Monash, the talented man who dared to transform Grace Metalious' best-selling novel into a television milestone as the first and only successful continuing drama in prime-time viewing hours. Peyton Place is the same after all these years. But the names have changed to allow for the departure and arrival of an unending parade of stars in the ever popular New England Bailiwick.

1968 schwinn  super sport, varsity tourist

Schwinn Super Sport

Schwinn's finest ladies' touring bike. Sturdy, extra lightweight chrome molybdenu, alloy steel frame, 10-speed derailleur, Twin-Stik gear shift controls, quick release hubs, center-pull caliper brakes, Schwinn 27" x 1 1/4" sports touring tires, deluxe mattress saddle. Colors: Campus green, Sierra brown, sky blue.

Schwinn Varsity Tourist

Smart appearance in a touring bike for the action-minded girl. Easy to reach Twin-Stik gear shift controls, 10-speed derailleur, 30 to 100 gear, chrome plated fenders, front and rear caliper brakes, sprocket chainguard, Schwinn tubular rims, 27" x 1 1/4" nylon sports touring tires, mattress saddle. Colors: Campus green, Sierra Brown, Sky blue.

1968 schwinn deluxe collegiate and collegiate Lightweight Bikes for Girls

Shcwinn Deluxe COllegiate

Easy handling, smooth riding lightweight tourist model. Convenient single-Stik gear shift control, 5-speed derailleur, generator operated headlight and tail light, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/8" whitewall tires, front and rear caliper brakes, lightweight mattress saddle. Colors: Campus green, Sierra brown, Sky blue.

Schwinn Collegiate

Trim, sleek and smooth riding for real get up and go. The "in" way to get outdoor exercise. Convenient single-Stik gear shift control, 5-speed derailleur, caliper brakes, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/8" nylon sports touring tires, foam cushioned saddle. Colors: Campus Green, Sierra brown, sky blue.

1968 schwinn deluxe breeze and breeze

Schwinn Deluxe Breeze

Ideal for a fun-filled program of regular exercise. Smartly styled with chrome plates fenders, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/8" nylon whitewall sports touring tires, mattress saddle. Handbrakes on 3-speed only. Colors: Campus green, sky blue, black.

Schwinn Breeze

Outstanding value in a styligh tourist bike. Electro-forged frame, Schwinn tubular rims, 26" x 1 3/8 sports touring tires. Colors: Red, sky blue, black.
19" frame 17"frame

1968 schwinn  12

Millions of satisfied Schwinn owners are telling their friends and neighbors that the few dollars more you pay for your new Schwinn is money well spent. Schwinn bikes do ride noticeably better. They do "stand up!" They don't "fall apart". The few dollars more a new Schwinn costs are saved time and again in lower upkeep costs. Schwinn is worth more at trade-in time and again in lower upkeep costs. Schwinn is worth more at trade-in time, too! Schwinn owners agree, they tell us and they tell each other- Schwinn bikes are best!

Schwinn Quality FRAME CONSTRUCTION -Look for the "flared" sections where the tubes or "bars" join the specially designed head and hanger sections- just like the base of a tree trunk is flarled where it meets thr ground- to add extra strength at the point of greatest stress. No other frame is built like a Schwinn- tough and resilient for a lively ride- and it's the strongest made! Ask any bicycle dealer.

Schwinn Quality FORGED STEEL FORKS - Tougher, absorbs road shock better than ordinary tubular forks used on most bikes.

Schwinn Quality TUBULAR RIMS- Extra strength double-thickness tubular steel rims, five times more resistant to twist than ordinary single-thickness rims used on most other bikes.

Schwinn Quality BUILT-IN KICKSTAND- Heavy-duty. welded-on, rattle-resistant kickstands-not just clamped on.

Schwinn Quality HEAVY-DUTY CHAINGUARDS AND FENDERS- Heavy gauge steel firmly mounted on heavy, welded-on brockets that stay put and stay tight- nothing firmly to rattle or come to loose.

Schwinn Quality CRANK AND BEARINGS - Strong forged steel cranks, precision machined and mounted on precision made, case hardened cups, cones and ball bearings- for the easiest pedaling, longest lasting bike there is. Compare, and see the difference!

Schwinn Quality PAINT FINISHES- Brilliant, sparkling colors, four coats deep, every coast bakes on, and it stays on- no "quickly" finishes without cleansing, sealing and prime coat.

Schwinn Quality EQUIPMENT- Compare the hubs, pedals, handlebars and grips, saddle, tires and tubes, gears and controls- all fine quality, to measure up to Schwinn's standards of performance and durability.

1968 schwinn  13

schwinn bicycles are guaranteed against all defects in material and workmanship- no time limit.

Schwinn will replace-without charge-any original part that is determined br the factory to be defective under the terms of this guarantee. Failure due to accident, abuse, neglect, improper assembly or maintenance, normal wear or use of other than Genuine Schwinn Parts is not covered.

Transportation costs and dealer's labor charges are not covered by this guarantee.
Replacement of defective parts shall be the sole remedy of any purchaser under the Schwinn Guarantedd, and in no event shall Schwinn be liable on any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness, or for special or consequential damages.

See your Schwinn Dealer for service under the Schwinn Guarantee or write for assistance to: Customer Service Department, Schwinn Bicycle company, 1856 N, Kstner, chicago, Illinois 60639.

1968 schwinn  14 1968 schwinn  15

When you buy a new Schwinn bike from your local Shwinn Dealer, he will see to it that your bike is properly assembled, adjusted and correctly fitted to you so that it is ready to ride from his cyclery.

*The saddle height should be adjusted so that rider's leg is almost straight when he sits on the saddle with the ball of the foot on the pedal in its lowest position.

*The handlebar should be set so that the grips are at a comfortable angle. This is usually at a slight downward angle pointing to the rear of the bicycle.

*Hand leers should be located near the handlebar grips- but not touching them. The levers should be positioned below the handle bars at a slight angle outward from the verticle.

It's a wise move to have all mechanical adjustments made by your factory-trained dealer because many adjustments require special tools and knowledge. Onyl Schwinn proveides regular factory training classes for Schwinn Dealers and their bicycle service mechanics - at the factory service school in chicago, and also in major cities from coast-to-coast. Only Schwinn provides special tools, service equipment and service manuals to help Schwinn Dealers serve you faster, and with greater accuracy. Save time and avoid inconvenience. See your Schwinn Franchised Dealer for the very best in Bicycle service.

Proper Fit Makes the Difference

Cycling enjoyment on a Schwinn bicycle begins by choosing the proper size bicycle, and then adjusting it to your body size. Bike sizes are identified by the size of their wheels and the size of their frames. Wheel sizes are most easily identified by noting the size of the tire. Frame sizes are determined by measuring the length of the frame tubing that goes from the saddle to the crank hanger.

To assure proper fit, first determine your leg length by measuring the distance from the crotch to the floor. This measurement is taken while wearing flat heeled shoes. After determining this length, check the adjoining chart to see which models are available in your size. Once you have selected the style of bike you want, choose the model in the frame tween the minimum and maximum leg length shown. This will allow flexibilty in setting the saddle height.

After choosing the correct size bike, the height of the saddle should be adjusted to the proper height. This height is determined in the following way: Sit on the saddle. Turn the crank so that one pedal is nearest the ground. Place the ball of your foot parallel with the ground. Your leg should now be almost straight. Readjust the saddle height until you arrive at the correct setting.

This position will allow full body leverage on the pedals and full use of the long muscles in the calf and thigh.

1968 schwinn  16 1968 schwinn krates


1968 schwinn  17

Orange Krate
Lemon Peeler
Apple Krate
Pea Picker

A whole new worlld of cycling thrills can be yours when you blast off and move out aboard the flashiest Sting-Rays ever desigened -The Orange krate, Lemon Peeler, Apple krate and Pea picker drag racers from Schwinn.

Just wait until you try the floating, super cushioned ride of this unique 5-speed Stik-Shift model. Equipped with spring suspension front fork. Schwinn 16" x 1 3/4" middleweight front tire and 20" x 2.125" Gripper Slik COlor: line rear tires, bucket style saddle with rally stripes, chrome plated fenders, patented spring Strut, "MAG" sprocket, rear caliper brake and large aluminum drum brake. Colors: Orange krate in kool orange, lemon peeler in kool lemon, Apple krate in kool red and Pea picker in kool green.

1968 schwinn  18

Sting-ray, known as "the bike with the sports car look" has revolutionized since its introduced by Schwinn in 1963. It has won the raise and captured the imagination of youngster of all ages across the U.S.A. This is the fun bike that features a short frame, high rise handlebars and long, bucket shaped saddle. This design gives the rider an exciting combination of features for quick maneauvers, fast starts and short radius turns.

A lightweight version of the Sting-Ray, called the Fastback was introduced in 1966 and quickly became a best seller. This is the 5-speed model that combines the easy pedaling of a lightweight with the maneuverability of the original Sting-Ray. It also achieves an added thrill with the addition of 5-speed gears and a fast acting Stik-Shift gear shift. For distance rides, short hops, or for just plain riding fun, the Schwinn Fastback is great.

In 1968, Schwinn opened up a new field of cycling enjoyment with the unveiling of the revolutionay designed Orange Krate Sting-Ray. In just a year this exciting 5-speed Stik-Shift model has become the most talked about sting-ray in "bikedom." This year, there are four how new color versions of the krate to choose from. Schwinn krate models feature the combination of a 20" rear wheel with a 16" front wheel, with styling similar to the racing cars found on drag racing tracks.

1968 schwinn deluxe stingray, fastback ang stingray Sting-ray Bikes for Boys

Schwinn Fastback

Lightweight Sting-Ray bike. FUlly adjustable handlebar and bucket saddle to fit 5 or 6 foot rider. Schwinn Slik rear tire, 20" x 1 3/8" sports touring front tire, "MAG" sprocket. Colors: Kool Lemon, Campus green, Red, sky blue. H36-9 Pictured.

Schwinn Deluxe Sting-Ray

Break away to new adventure! Chrome plated fenders, Bucket saddle, chrome brace rods, Schwinn 20" x 1 3/4" whitewall front tire, slik rear tire. Colors: Campus green, red, sky blue. J39-3 pictured.

Schwinn Sting-Ray

The original Sting-Ray the bike that set the style. Bucket style Sting-Ray saddle, chrome brace rods, Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" front tire. Slik rear tire. Colors: campus green, red, sky blue.

1968 schwinn lil chik, junior stingray and midget stingray Sting-Ray Bikes for Younger Riders

Schwinn Lil' Chik

A joy to ride. For girls 5 to 7. Compact Schwinn electro-forged frame, chrome plated fenders, Silver Glitter saddle with struts, Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" front tire, Slik rear tire, built-in kickstand. Colors: Violet, sky blue.

Schwinn Junior Sting-Ray

A sportly Sting-ray model designed for boys 5 to 7. Chrome plated fenders, Junior Sting-ray handlebars and bucket style saddle with struts. Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" front tire Slik rear tire, dependable coaster brake. Colors: red, sky blue.

Schwinn Midget Sting-Ray

Scaled down Sting-Ray with 16-inch frame for boys 4 to 6 years old. Chrome plated fenders, Sting-ray styled bucket saddle and handlebars, Schwinn tubular rims, 16" x 1 3/4" front tire, Gripper Slik rear tire, coaster brake. Colors: Red, Sky blue.

1968 schwinn  fairlady and slik chik

Schwinn Fair Lady

Fresh stylish and fun! Trim, low-contour middleweight frame that's so easy to get on and off. Flower-trimmed basket, Sting-Ray handlebars, comfortable Silver Glow saddle, chrome plated fenders. Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" front tire, Slik rear tire, built-in kickstand. Colors: Campus green, sky blue, violet.

Schwinn Slik Chik

You'll lead the fashion parade on this ladies' middleweight Sting-Ray model. Sleek features include flower-trimmed basket, solid tubular rims, whitewall 20" x 1 3/4" front tire, slik rear tire, built-in kickstand. Colors: Campus green, sky blue, Violet.

1968 schwinn  20 1968 schwinn  19


The sensational new lightweight Sting-Ray model that's perfect for mother or daughter. Sleek lightweight electro-forged Schwinn frame that's so easy to step throught, contoured solid color Sting-Ray saddle with chrome brace rods, new design "MAG" type sprocket and chrome trimmed chainguard, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, Slik rear tire 20" x 1 3/8" sports touring front tire. Special feature; a new chrome plated basket carrier and beautiful white flower-trimmed shopping basket with carrying handles. Quick release basket clamp on carrier allows basket to be easily removed, then clamped back in place. Colors: Campus green, sky blue, violet.

1968 schwinn  21 1968 schwinn  22

Job is to give you assurance of satisfaction. When you buy a new Schwinn from his cyclery, he makes sure it is properly assembled, adjusted and serviced- ready to ride. Your Schwinn Dealer will also make sure your bike fits you properly. He performs all of these regular services at no extra charge to you.

Schwinn Dealers are the leading specialists in bicycle sales and service. They have the most complete selection of better quality Schwinn bicycles thing that is new in bicycles parts, accessories and supplies. You can depend on them to stand behind parts, accessories and supplies. You can depend on them to stand behind the products they sell. Good service, not just lip service, is their way of doing business. You can be assured of continued cycling fun on your Schwinn because your friendly Schwinn Dealer will be there when you need him for service. 1968 schwinn  23

You can be sure when you buy a Schwinn that it will never be delivered in a carton for you to assemble. Schwinn bike prices include complete assembly. Quality in merchandise, backed by quality in service, is your best assurance of value and lasting satisfaction. Befre you buy any bicycle, see your local Schwinn Dealer. He's listed in the yellow pages- at your service. Let him show you why Schwinn bikes are best. Bikes are his business.

Your local Franchised Schwinn Dealership is a whole store filled with a wide selection of new Schwinn bikes in different styles, colors, sizes, and prices.

Proper fit is important and no one knows more about bikes than Schwinn Dealers. They make sure your new Schwinn bikes are assembled, adjusted and ready to ride.

1968 schwinn panther, deluxe typhoon and typhoon 26" Inch Middleweight Bikes for Boys

Schwnn Panther

Schwinn's finest deluxe equipped middleweight bike. Chrome plated front and rear luggage carriers, streamlined tank with built-in horn, handlebar mounted headlight, deluxe mattress saddle, Schwinn whitewall 26" x 1 3/4" nylon tires. Colors: Campus green, red.

Schwinn Deluxe Typhoon

Easy riding middleweight with quality construction. Chrome plated fenders, headlight, chrome plated front. Carrier, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" whitewall tires. Colors: Campus green, red. Handbrakes on 3-speed model only.

Schwinn Typhoon

Quality at a budget price. Sturdy Schwinn Cantilever frame, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires, forged steel fork, built-in kickstand. Colors: Campus green, red.

1968 schwinn heavyduty

Schwinn Heavy-Duty

Firsy choice of boys with papers routes. Special reinforced Schwinn Cantilever frame, heavy-duty front hub. Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" Tractor tires, heavy-duty saddle, drop forged crank, heavy-duty spokes. Colors: Black, red.

1968 schwinn  24

Schwinn middleweight bikes are designed to stand up under hard use. Middleweight frames are of sturdy construction for strength and durability. The wide, lw pressure nylon cord tires absorb road shock. The sturdier, heavier electro forged Schwinn frame is designed to withstand rough treatment. As a result of this concern for quality, Schwinn's bikes have gained the reputation for being the strongest, truest running and longest-lasting bikes ever built.

This quality construction is carried through to Schwinn's double-thick tubular rims, dur-a-roll bearings, rattle-free built-in kickstand, extra-strength fender braces, luxurious chrome plating, and four-coat baked on colors.

Middleweights, because of thier extra strong construction, are slower and heavier to pedal than Schwinn lightweight models. However, they will hold up longer under hard use and abuse.

1968 schwinn stalet 3, deluxe hollywood 26" Inch Middleweight Bikes for Girls

Schwinn Starlet III

Schwinn's finest girl's middleweight model with deluxe style features. Fully equipped with Slim-line tank with built-in horn, handlebar mounted headlight, chrome plated front and rear luggage carriers, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" nylon whitewall tires, comfortable foam cushioned saddle. Colors: Campus Green, Sky Blue, Violet.

Schwinn Deluxe Hollywood

Gracefully designed, delightful to ride. Schwinn quality features include Schwinn electro-forged middleweight frame, chrome plated front carrier, handlebar mounted headlight, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" nylon cord whitewall tires. Colors: Campus green, sky blue, violet.

1968 schwinn hollywood

Schwinn Hollywood

Dependable Schwinn quality at a budget price. Easy riding, smartly designed electro-forged middleweight frame, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires. Colors:Campus green, sky blue, violet.

1968 schwinn  25

For the third successive- and successful- season, 20th Century- Fox Televesion is the leading producer of prime-time televesion series. The studio's video arm produces nine series totaling 1968-69 season. In addition, 20th Century-Fox TV has two weekly half-hour animated series and a Monday-through-Friday half-hour drama on network daytime schedules.
Some of the more popular TV series filmed at the studio include "Peyton Place," "Daniel Boone," "Felony Squad," and "Judd for the Defense." CUrrent production also includes the new hour-long western drama, "Lancer," "Land of the Giants" and a mystery and suspense series called "Journey to the Unkown"; two half-hour series called "Julia" and " The Ghost and Mrs. Muir."

1968 schwinn speedster and typhoon 24 Inch Bikes for Boys

Schwinn Speedster

Specially designed lightweight that's so easy to pedal. With curved top bar that shortens saddle-to-pedal distance for the smaller rider. Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/8" nylon sports touring tires, lightweight fom-cushioned saddle. Colors: Red, Sky blue, Black.

Schwinn Typhoon

Smooth riding, easy rolling middleweight with strength to spare. Modestly priced. Sturdy Schwinn Cantilever frame, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires, chrome plated fenders, forged steel fork, two-tone saddle, new design sprocket. Colors: Campus Green, red.

1968 schwinn deluxe breeze, breeze and hollywood 24 Inch Bikes for Girls

Schwinn Deluxe Breeze

Smartly styled 24" lightweight with narrow tires for easy pedaling. Chrome plated fenders, comfortable lightweight saddle, Schwinn tubular rims, 24" x 1 3/8" whitewall sports touring tires, built-in kickstand. Colors: Campus Green, sky blue, violet.

Schwinn Breeze

Graceful modern design in a budget-priced girl's lightweight. Foam cushioned lightweight saddle, sturdy Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/8" nylon sports touring tires, built-in kickstand, forged steel fork. COlors: Red, Sky blue, black.

Schwinn Hollywood

Fun on wheels in a modestly priced girl's 24" middleweight model. Schwinn quality fetures include chrome plated fenders, strong tubular rims, Schwinn 24" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires, dependable built-in kick-stand. Colors: Sky blue, Violet.

1968 schwinn typhoon and hollywood 20 Inch Bikes for Boys and Girls

Schwinn Typhoon

An outstanding middleweight at a low budget price. Schwinn Cantilever frame, forged steel fork, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, Schwinn 20" x 1 3/4" nylon tires, two-tone saddle, built-in kickstand. Colors: Campus green, Sky blue, red.

schwinn Hollywood

Pupolar Schwinn styling in an economy priced model. Electro forged frame, Schwinn tubular rims, Two-tone saddle, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn 20" x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires, built-in kickstand, 4-coat baked-on color. Colors: Campus green, sky blue, violet.

1968 schwinn  26 1968 schwinn pixie

Schwinn Sting-Ray Pixie

Youngster will fall in love with this smart new 16-inch beginner's bike styled just like the full size Sting-Ray. An excelent combintaion of beautiful styling and quality Schwin construction. It's convertible. The top bar removes easily to convert it from a boy's bike to a girl's model in minutes. Sting-Ray designed Silver Glitter saddle. Schwinn Cycle Aid training wheels, durable Schwinn 16" semi-pneumatic tires. Colors: Campus green, red, violet.

1968 schwinn bantam and pixie Convertible bikes for boys and girls...

Schwinn Bantam

Here's value you can count on in a convertible bike for boys and girls 5 to 7. With patented Schwinn Cycle Ais training wheels. The 20-inch model quickly converts from a boys's to a girl's model by removing the top bar. Dad can do it easily. Chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, 20" x 1 3/4" Schwinn nylon whitewall tires, forged steel fork. Colors: Campus green, red, sky blue.

Schwinn Pixie

An easy-to-ride 16-inch model designed for growng boys and girls 3 to 5-years-old . Standard Schwinn quality features include chrome plated fenders, Schwinn 16" semipneumatic whitewall tires, patented Schwinn Cycle Aid training wheels, removable top bar convert bike from a boy's bike to a girl's model in minutes, forged steel fork, rear reflector assembly. Colors: Campus green, red, Violet.

1968 schwinn lil tiger

Schwinn Lil' Tiger

The ideal first bike that's to last from child to child. Feature-packed 12" convertible model for children 2 to 4 years old. Cute, compact Sting-Ray design with patented Schwinn Cycle Aid training wheels. Quality equipment includes Sting-Ray style bucket saddle, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn semi-pneumatic whitewall tires, forged steel front fork and crank. Colors: Campus green, red, violet.

1968 schwinn deluxe exerciser 1968 schwinn deluxe exerciser 2 Cyle Your Way To Fitness Year 'Round

Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser

There's nothing like regular daily excersice to help keep fit and trim, and now it's so easy and convenient in the privacy of your home. No matter what the weather is like outside, there's always riding fun for the whole family inside.Ideal for weight watchers and perfect for skiing fans to keep in shape. Year 'round fun or just "bike break." Quiet running - use it 1968 schwinn deluxe exerciser 3 while youre watching your favorite TV show, or enjoying the hi-fi, listening to a musical recording.

Easily adjustable handlebar and deluxe mattress saddle for short or tall riders, convenient control panel with speedometer, mileage indicator, timer, adjustable pedal resistance control dial, soft rubber pedal with toe straps, sturdy Schwinn frame support and full length chainguard. Colors: Campus Green, Sierra Brown.

1968 schwinn 27

Pedal The Calories Away 1 hour of bowling....225 calories
1 hour of golf.......225 calories
1 hour of dancing....250 calories
1 hour of tennis.....350 calories You can use up to 400 calories in an hour of pedaling!

Nothing beats the sheer fun and stimulation you get fron a ride on a Schwinn bike, More and more healthy, hearty outdoor enthusiasts are losing themeselves to the charm and excitement of modern cycling.
The young in heart are turning to bicycles to get the best out of life. You see them everywhere...happy, healthy people who know the benefits of regular exercise.
1968 schwinn 28 "We ought to replace the automobile with bicycles... it would be better for our coronaries, our disposition, and certainly our finances."

...Dr. Irvine H. Page, president, American Heart Association.
"I think the bicycle is onr of the great unappreciated vehicles for good, whole some exercise that can be continued to a considerable age."

...Dr.W.W Bover, director ameritus bureau of Health Education, American Medical Association.
"The establishment of cycling as a routine in the daily life of Americans, young and old, can become one of the most vital steps in restoring health and vigor to us all."

...Dr. Paul Dudley White, noted American heart specialist.
*Cycling In the School Fitness Program, published by the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Rereation, a department of the National Education Association, 1963.

1968 schwinn town country Adult Tri-Wheeler

Schwinn's Town and Country sdult tri-wheeler will whisk you off to market or help you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. S sturdy 3-wheel vehicle for the adult rider who wants exercise with a sence of security. Designed for shopping needs. The Town and Country has a lower frame design for easier mounting and dismounting. Choice of different speed hubs.

1968 schwinn town and country 2

Schwinn Town and Country

*Spacious detachable basket with carrying handles.
*Comfortably contoured heavy-duty saddle with double-spring support.
*Easy rolling lightweight nylon sports touring tires.
The Town and Country's rugged Schwinn designed quality features include a roomy vinyl coated wire basket, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn tubular rims, front caliper brake. Parking brake and adjustable saddle. Colors: Campus green, Sky blue.

1968 schwinn run a bout 1968 schwinn run a bout 2

Schwinn Run-A-Bout

Folding bicycle

This novel new-pint-size bike is designed to go where the action is. Folds up neatly for convenient portability. Sets up fast without tools. Trigger control 3-speed.

Handy Schwinn Run-a-bout has Sturdy Schwinn Cantilever frame, lightweight deluxe mattress saddle with extra long seat post. Handlebar and seat post designed for wuik-acting adjustments, front and rear caliper brakes, chrome plated fenders, Grippers Slik back tire and 16" x 1 3/4" middleweight front tire.

Colors: Campus green, sierra brown.

1968 schwinn 30

Whenever you need tires, tubes or repairs....Insist on Original Equipment.... Genuine Schwinn Factory-made repair parts ....and factory-trained service!

Schwinn Tires and Tubes

Schwinn brand tires are made by major U.S. tire manufacturers in Schwinn's own molds, especially to fit Schwinn's own extra strength tubular rims... with long wearing nylon tread designs that hold the road better at higher speeds and during turns. Inner-tubes are the finest available. Accept no substitutes. Insist onSchwinn tires and tubes for more value and lasting satisfaction!

Schwinn Repairs Parts

Genuine Schwinn repair parts are precision made to Schwinn's own quality standards- the highest in the industry. They fit better beacuse they're exactly like the original equipment that come with your SChwinn bike. They work more smoothly and last longer because they are built better. See your Schwinn Dealer and insist on Genuine Schwinn Repair and service Parts!

1968 schwinn 31

01 500- Folding baby seat complete with seat pad and foor protectors...$12.95
01 403- Chrome middleweight carrier with reflector buttoms.............$4.95
01 405- lightweight carrier with spring holder.........................$4.50
01814 - 01822- Stretchable luggage straps...$ .25 to $ .49
01 420- Front basket carrier with quick release clamp......$4.75
00 780 - 00 782- Shopping basket with carrying hanfles......$4.95 - $5.95
00 675- Chrome plated wire saddle baskets.............$5.95

Basket are designed to be mounted on 01 403 and 01 405 Schwinn Approved Carriers.

1968 schwinn 32

73 200- Bicycle polish..................$1.99
72 500- 72 531 - Spray paint 16 oz......$1.99
72 020 - Sparay Lubricant (LPDP) 16 oz..$1.99
72 600 - 72 631 - spray paint 4 oz......$ .99
73 205 - Bicycle wax.....................$ .75
73 206 - Chrome polish...................$ .75
73 207 - Whitewall tire cleaner..........$ .75
73 208 - Seat'N Saddle cleaner...........$ .75
72 001 - Cycle tube......................$ .49
60 406 - Tube patch kit..................$ .39
72 002 - Cycle oil.......................$ .49

1968 schwinn 33

00 036 - Large capacity touring bag......$4.95
00 030 - Black touring bag...............$2.50
00 675 - Foot pump.......................$2.25
00 040 - Tool and lock bag...............$ .99
60 677 - Large foot pump with built-in gauge...$9.95

Use Schwinn Approved service Products for Continued Carefree Cycling Enjoyment 1968 schwinn color matched accessories

Color Matche Accessories
(available in all schwinn colors)
58 572 - Sting-ray seats with silver inloy.............____
00 773 - Rattan basket with trim ......................$4.95
00 724 - White plastic basket with trim................$2.98
08 626 - Handlebar streamers...........................$ .29
06 693 - Glitter chain lock............................$2.39
09 048 - 09 062 - handlebar tape ( 7 and 5 yard lengths)...$ .60 to $ .90
58 612 - Deluxe Sting-Ray seat with racing stripes..... 04 955 - Handbrake lever covers........................$ .49
04 715 - Handlebar grips...............................$ .75
05 578 - Plastic hub shiners...........................$ .49
Sting-Rays seat with struts are priced from $6.95 to $11.50
Suggested Prices Shown Do not Include Installation

1968 schwinn stingray accessories

Sting-Ray Accessories
58 663 - Full-Floating Sting-Ray seat with shock absorbing struts....$14.95
58 653 - Standard Sting-Ray seat ...................................._____
08 431 - 20" Sting-Ray speedometer...................................$6.95
08 452 - 20" Deluxe Sting-Ray speedometer............................$7.95
08 325 - 20" Sting-Ray Speedomete....................................$7.95
00 400 - Fair Lady basket with flowers...............................$6.25
58 579 - Sting-Ray seat with silver inlay............................_____
55 010 - Junior Sting-Ray handlebar..................................$2.29
55 001 - Senior Sting-Ray handlebar..................................$2.49
55 005 - Ram's Horn handlebar........................................$2.98
23 900 - Stik-Shift for bikes with gears.............................$9.95

1968 schwinn 34

05 001 - chrome plated bugle horn........$2.95
05 006 - giant brass bugle horn..........$12.95
05 005 - long chrome plated horn.........$1.29
05 720 - single cell ball lamp...........$2.39
05 721 - double cell ball lamp ..........$2.69
04 100 - black generator and light.......$4.95
01 010 - bicycle bell....................$ .89
04 174 - tailight.......................$2.29

04 140 - deluxe generator set with taillights...............$7.95
04 115 - sportlight generator at set with taillights........$5.95
05 051 - deluxe electric horn...............................$1.99
05 050 - electric horn......................................$1.45
07 011 - oblong mirror with reflector.......................$ .39 to $ .99
07 014 - 3" round mirror with reflector......................$ .39 to $ .99
07 015 - 3" round mirrors....................................$ .39 to $ .99
08 435 - shcwinn approved speedometer........................$5.95
08 430 - schwinn approved speedometer........................$6.95
08 451 - deluxe schwinn aspproved speedometer................$7.95
08 300 - shchwinn approved...................................$7.49
Use SChwinn Approved service products for continued carefree cycling enjoyment

1968 schwinn cycle aid

*Easy to install and adjust
*Heavy duty steel constrution
*Extra durable wheel with molded tire

The ideal bicycle accessory to help the beginner get a head start in cycling enjoyment. Wheel height adjustable. This sturdy new cycle aid is used as standard equipment on quality-built Schwinn bicycles. Available for 12" , 16" and 20" bikes.

1968 schwinn unicycle

Exciting New Sport

Schwinn Unicycle

singles wheeled fun bike $41.95

A thrilling new experience. The attention getting Schwinn quality built Unicycle. Specially designed saddle for added comfort and riding control, Schwinn tubular rim, chrome plated frame-fork, adjustable seat post. Schwinn 20" x 1 3/4" whitewall tire on U20; 24" x 1 3/4" whitewall tire on U24. Color: Chrome

All bicycle prices shown in this catalog are fair trade prices in states where Fair Trade Laws applly. In other states, they are suggested prices. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

All Schwinn Bicycle Prices include freight and complete assembly.... ready to RIDE!

1968 schwinn 35

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