Vintage Schwinn Catalogs

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old schwinn catalogs

Schwinn has provided a yearly catalog for over 100 years. Below are links to these catalogs with their full text and images. These catalogs often have dozens of pages, sometimes almost a hundred pages. Since they came out every year, they are time capsules of not just bicycles, but fashion, sensibilities and verbiage.
The consumer catalogs provided by Schwinn are valuable resources of information about vintage bikes, and as such, I have taken it upon my self to acquire as many of these catalogs as possible and transcribe them to provide the information they contain online. These are collectors items, and as such it costs me money to buy them, time to scan them, and more time to format them, type out their contents, and make them into an easy to read and view web resource.This page will include more links as I create them, I am trying to do at least a couple of catalogs per week so check back often. I have been a bit slow getting these up. Click a year above to see the catalog.