The Schwinn Hornet



THE POPULAR SCHWINN HORNET... It's a Schwinn for me... I've compared them all and for my money, Schwinn's the best!" America's Favorite Bicycle What a combination! Trim dashing lines, superior Schwinn workmanship, and a complete line-up of equipment including streamlined tank with built-in horn, powerful Rocket-Ray headlight, sturdy luggage carrier, and truss rods. No wonder more kids choose the Schwinn Hornet than any other bicycle... and the low price will amaze you. Full guaranteed As-long-As-You-Own-It. Ask to see the "Hornert" at your Schwinn dealers. 26 inch model No. D-19. THE SCHWINN HORNET FOR GILRS...America's biggest buy in girl's bikes! Elegant styling and complete equipment including streamlined chainguard, tank with built-in horn, Rocket-Ray headlamp, exclusive built in kickstand, sturdy luggage carrier, and sparkling trim 26 inch model No. D-69.



Fine quality at a budget pleasing price!
One of the most attractive models in the big Schwinn line. Streamlined tank with horn, headlight, truss rods, kickstand, schwinn quality features. Luggage carter (26 inch models only).
26-inch size-boys D-15, Girls D-65
24-inch size-boys J-25, Girls J-75
20-inch size-boys J-35, Girls J-85



Boys 26-inch Model D15 Here is a fully equipped bike at a price that’s hard to beat -- and you get famous Schwinn quality and styling, too! Features include tank with horn, chrome truss rods and torpedo headlight. Sturdy luggage carrier on 26-inch models only. SPECIFICATIONS FRAME- Schwinn balloon double bar, girls balloon. FORK- Forged, chrome truss rods. RIMS- Schwinn tubular S2, chrome. TIRES- Shwinn Typhoon. KICKSTAND- Detachable. COLORS- Spitfire red, blue or green. MODELS Shipping Weight lbs. BOYS GIRLS SIZE DESCRIPTION BOYS/GIRLS D15 D65 26-inch Hornet 60 1/2 59 1/2 J25 J75 24-inch Hornet 51 1/2 50 1/2 J35 J85 20-inch Hornet 45 46



HORNET- A popular bike with attractive equipment features... streamlined tank with horn, electric handlight, chrome truss rods, kickstand, Schwinn Quality Features. Sturdy luggage carrier on 26" models only. Boys and girls 26" , 24" and 20" models.
COLORS: Spritfire red, blue or green, all with ivory trim.



DELUXE HORNET A feature-packed middleweight model! * Spring fork * Cantilever frame * Horn and Headlight *Luggage Carrier * Whitewall tires * Boy's 26" Model * COLORS: Black with Red Trim * Opalescent Red with Black trim * Two-tone blue *Two-tone green. BOY'S HORNET You'll master the miles on this middleweight model *Chrome truss rods * Cantilever frame * Horn and head light *Kickstand *1.75 middleweight tires *luggage carrier on 26" models only * Boys and Girls 20", 24" and 26" models* COLORS: Spitfire Red, Blue, Florida Green or black with ivory trim.



EQUIPPED MIDDLEWEIGHT MODEL SCHWIN HORNET Here is a fully equipped middleweight bike at a price that's hard to beat- and you get famous Schwinn quality and styling, too! Features include tank with horn, chrome truss rods and torpedo headlight. Sturdy luggage carrier on 26-inch models only. SPECIFICATIONS FRAME- Boys middleweight cantilever, girls middleweight. FORK- Forged, chrome truss rods. RIMS- Schwinn tubular S7, enameled. TIRES- Schwinn 1.75" Westwind. KICKSTAND- Detachable. CLORS- Spitfire red, blue, florida green, or black with ivory trim. MODELS SHIPPING WEIGHT,LBS. BOYS GIRLS SIZE DESCRIPTION BOYS GIRLS K15 K65 26-inch Hornet 55 53 1/2 K25 K75 24-inch Hornet 47 1/2 48 K35 K85 20-inch Hornet 41 41



SCHWINN’S LEADING TANK – EQUIPPED MODEL HORNET MIDDLEWEIGHT FULLY EQUIPPED MIDDLEWEIGHT- a really handsome tank-equipped model in sturdy Schwinn Cantilever construction. Features; Tank with horn, front carrier on 26” and 24” models, Schwinn Cantilever frame, chrome headlight, whitewall tires. Coaster brake models only. HORNET MODELS FOR BOYS Shpg. No. Size Description Wt. Lbs. H15-1 26 inch Coaster (Mark IV) 52 ½ H25-1 24 inch Coaster (Mark IV) 48 ½ H35-1 20 inch Coaster (Mark IV) 40 See page 30 for other coaster brakes, optional equipment and how to order. COLORS: Radiant Red, Blue Green; Black. ALL SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.



Tank and horn. Fender light. Two tone saddle.
26" coaster brake .... $59.95
24" coaster brake .... $57.95
20" coaster brake .... $51.95
Luggage carrier on 26" and 24" sizes. Radiant red, blue, black; green in 26" size only.



THE Schwinn HORNET Tank and horn! Fender Light! Two-tone Saddle! 26" 2-speed.........$64.95 26" coaster brake...$54.95 24" 2-speed.........$62.95 24" coaster brake...$52.95 20" coaster brake...$47.95 Luggage carrier on 26" and 24" sizes. Radiant red or black with ivory rims and trim. Cantilever design combined with tank built-in horn, light, and carrier all help to make this a popular Schwinn middleweight model. Chrome rims optional at extra cost. (No luggage carrier or truss rods on 20-inch size.) SHIPPING WEIGHT,LBS. NO. SIZE DESCRIPTION H16 26-inch Hornet 54 1/2 H26 24-inch Hornet 49 1/2 H36 20-inch Hornet 41 2-speed or coaster in 26 inch and 24 inch size, coaster only in 20 inch size. COLORS: Radiant red or black with Ivory trim.



THE Schwinn HORNET CANTILEVER FRAME! CHROME FRONT CARRIER! zone 1 H13-26" Coaster Brake...$46.95 H13-26" 2-speed.........$56.95 H23-24" Coaster Brake...$44.95 H23-24" 2-speed.........$54.95 Strong tubular enameled rims, two-tone saddle. Flamboyant Red, black Stylish Design SCHWINN HORNET An outstanding value in the middleweight line...sturdy cantilever frame.. with built-in kickstand.. confortable two-tone saddle. SCHWINN QUALITY FEATURES *sturdy cantilever frame *American-made coaster brake *Chrome plated front carrier *Schwinn approved headlight *Strong tubular enameled rims *Built-in kickstand *Resilient, lont-lasting nylon tires



Schwinn HORNET cantilever frame, built-in kickstand, front carrier, light, two-tone saddle, nylon tires. Flamboyant Red or Black. coaster 2-speed L13 HORNET $46.95 $56.95 L23 HORNET $44.95 $54.95 HORNET Semi-equipped middleweight. Schwinn QUALITY FEATURES FRAME-Schwinn cantilever frame.. sturdy.. with special head, hanger and fork-end design.. special.. welding and aligning processes that make Schwinn bikes the strongest ever built. CARRIER-Chrome plated front carrier for carrying books or packages. HEADLIGHT-Handlebar mounted front headlight... strong headlight beam. COASTER BRAKE-American-made...Smooth working...sure stopping. KICKSTAND-Built-in....Strong...rattle free..long lasting. TIRES- Nylon...tough.resilient...wear-resisting.