1964 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1964 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1964.
1964 schwinn 1 1964 schwinn 2

Double your fun on a new Schwinn Tandem. Share the thrill of smooth, easy cycling together with friends or family and you'll discover a new world of riding pleasure on a tandem bike.

1964 schwinn tandem

Schwinn "Bicycle Built For Two"

Double strength construction. Heavy duty equipment. Hand brake in front. Coaster brake in rear. Heavy duty Schwinn tubular rims, 26" x 1 3/4" tires. Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue or White.

1964 schwinn 2 of 1 1964 schwinn twinn

Schwinn Twinn

New frame design makes mounting and dismounting easy. Extra strong tandem construction throughout. Two brakes for added stopping power. 26" x 1 3/4" tires. Radiant Blue or White.

1964 schwinn paramount 1964 schwinn paramount 2

The World's Finest!

Schwinn Paramounts

The ultimate in lightweight precision-built bicycles, winners last ten years in U.S. Track Championship races -- truly the "Choice of Champions". Finest materials throughout, hand crafted in four frame sizes, with a wide choice of colors. Made to measure frames at extra cost. Write for specification sheets.

1964 schwinn 3 Schwinn Sports Bikes

Drop Bars, or racing handlebars as they are often called, make an astonishing difference in riding efficiency, adding power, speed and endurance most people never knew they possessed. It is this thrilling experience, a new discovery for most of us, that has led to the great popularity of sports bikes and much of the public's renewed interest in cycling for excercise and recreation.

More power! Drop bars allow the rider to lean forward at about a 45 degree angle when his hands are on the upper part of the handlebar and a little lower when his hands are on the "drops" or lower bar. This "crouch" position cuts down wind resistance and increases the rider's leverage on the pedals so he can go faster and farther with about half the effort required in the upright or erect position.
Doctors say the leaning forward position lessens weight on the spine, expands the chest and lungs and stregthens muscles in the arms and shoulders. Try it -- it's good for you!

1964 schwinn sierra and continental

Schwinn 15 Speed Sierra

Good quality road bike with 15 speed derailleur, 36 to 100 gear, quick release center pull brakes, large flange quick release hubs, aluminum alloy rims, 27" x 1 1/4" high pressure road tires. Mudguards available at extra cost.
Colors: Flamboyant Lime, Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue or Terra Cotta.

Schwinn 10 Speed Continental Sport

Good quality road bike with high speed racing wheels, Schwinn diamond type frame, Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, quick release hubs, quick release center pull brakes, chrome tubular front fork, Schwinn tubular rims 27" x 1 1/4" high pressure road tires. Mudguards available at extra cost.
Colors: Flamboyant Lime, Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue or Terra Cotta.

1964 schwinn varsity and super sport

Schwinn 10 Speed Varsity

Schwinn does it again. An outstanding value in a 10 speed derailleur bicycle. 38 to 96 gear (33 to 85 gear on a model 224), 27" x 1 1/4" sports touring tires, and Schwinn tubular rims (24" on model 224). Racing style handlebars and saddle, and large flange Sprint hubs. Mudguards available at extra cost.
Colors: Flamboyant Lime, Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue or Terra Cotta.

Schwinn 10 Speed Super Sport

Everything the sports rider wants in a top quality road bike. Light, strong hand brazed frame of chrome molybdenum steel alloy, 10 speed Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, 27" x 1 1/4" road tires.
Colors: Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue or Terra Cotta or Violet.

1964 schwinn varsity tourist

Schwinn Ladies' Varsity Tourist

Here's a bike that takes the drudgery out of pedaling, with easy to operate 10 speed, 38 to 96 gear, comfortable mattress saddle, tourist handlebars, chrome fenders. Schwinn tubular rims, 27" x 1 1/4" tires.
Colors: Flamboyant Lime, Radiant Coppertone or Sky Blue.

Schwinn Men's Varsity Tourist

Easy riding 10 speed model with Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, tourist handlebars and saddle, chrome plated fenders. Schwinn tubular rims, 27" x 1 1/4" tires.
Colors: Flamboyant Lime, Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue or Terra Cotta.

1964 schwinn speedster and collegiate

Schwinn Speedster

Specially designed lightweight with lower saddle position for younger riders, forged steel fork, Schwinn tubular rims, 1 3/8" wide nylon tires ( 1 1/4" tires on R30), choice of 3 speed, 2 speed or coaster. (No 3 speed on R20.)
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue or Black. No Black on 20 inch model.

Schwinn 5 Speed Collegiate

New budget priced derailleur model with 5 speeds, 45 to 85 gear, Schwinn tubular rims, 26" x 1 3/8" nylon tires, tourist style handlebars and saddle.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Coppertone or Black. Also available in a Ladies model, C61, with the same color options.

1964 schwinn traveler

Schwinn Ladies' Traveler

Beautiful fully equipped bike with stainless steel fenders, generator set, light, saddlebag, cushioned saddle, and nylon whitewall tires.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Coppertone or Black.

Schwinn Men's Traveler

Lightweight styling with a galaxy of special features. Stainless steel fenders, generator, light and saddlebag. Choice of coaster, 2 or 3 speed with 26" wheels.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Coppertone or Black.

1964 schwinn racer and coed

Schwinn Racer

The best known, best selling Schwinn lightweight. 26" wheel size in three frame sizes.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, or Black.

Schwinn Co-Ed

Economy priced Schwinn lightweight. Easy to balance, easy to ride. Schwinn quality too.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Black or White on 26". No White or Black on 24" model.

1964 schwinn 4

Schwinn bicycles are guaranteed against all defects in material and workmanship --- no time limit. Schwinn will replace - without charge - any original part that is returned to the factory and found to be defective under the terms of this guarantee. Failure due to accident, abuse, neglect, normal wear or use of other than Genuine Schwinn Repair Parts is not covered. Transportation costs and dealer's labor charges are not covered by this guarantee.

1964 schwinn 5 1964 schwinn 8 1964 schwinn 7 Tubular Rims

Double thickness rims produced on Schwinn's special rim mill -- stronger by far than ordinary rims.

Dur-A-Roll Bearings

Smoother, harder, easier rolling. Scientifically heat-treated to last longer.

Frame Construction

No other bicycle frame is made like a Schwinn, with special head, hanger and fork end design and special welding and aligning processes that make Schwinn bicycles the strongest, truest running and longest lasting ever built.

Built-In KickStands

Stronger, rattle-proof and trouble-free for lasting satisfaction.

Extra-Strength Fender Braces

Heavy duty construction for greater strength and better support.

4-Coat Finish

The finest, must lustrous and longest lasting baked-on colors that stay on.

1964 schwinn 9

No matter how much you pay or how little
you pay, no matter what model you choose, Schwinn gives you more for your money... because Schwinn bikes, the quality bikes, are best!

Sold and Serviced by factory trained Schwinn Dealers. 1964 schwinn 6 1964 schwinn 10

Famous doctors agree cycling for all ages is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain physical fitness.
Help Your Heart - "I'd like to put everyone on bicycles... not once in awhile, but regularly as a routine. That's a good way to prevent heart disease."
Stimulate Respiration - "On a bicycle, the weight of the upper portion of the body is supported by the arms, relieving the weight of the chest, and lung capacity develops."
Tone Up Your Muscles - "The bicycle loosens up the muscles of the legs, the thighs, the loins, and the abdomen."
Relax Your Nerves - "The physical well being which it affords you by relaxing your nerves restores your spirit by giving it back its calm and equilibrium."

1964 schwinn 11 Choose The Right Bike 1964 schwinn 12

Bikes have changed! Schwinn's 1964 models, like the new cars, offer many improvements over earlier years - not in engineering and performance alone, but also in the wider variety of models and fine equipment to suit every need. Much of the fun of cycling comes from selecting the rightbike - not just from riding any bike. If you are an adult or teenager, it's no fun to ride a bike that is too small, or a heavy-pedaling delivery type bike when you want recreation. You'll get better exercise and more real enjoyment from a 10 speed bike. Your Schwinn dealer will be glad to help you select the model that's best suited to the kind of riding you want to do and best fitted to your stature and physical ability.

1964 schwinn 13

Lightweight bikes, in the preceding pages, have narrow tires and triangular "diamond" frames. Sometimes called "English" or "racer" bikes, they are better described as adult bicycles, a type which has been built by Schwinn since 1895. Our 1964 lightweights are faster and lighter to pedal because of their high pressure tires, light wheels and gearing. These bikes are strong and dependable but require sensible use and reasonable care to avoid damage by abuse.
Middleweight bikes, in the following pages, have curved bar frames, heavier wheels, wider and softer tires which require a little more pedaling effort. They are not as comfortable for most adults because of the lower riding position. They are built for durability rather than maneuverability and are offered in a wide range of children's styles and utility models.

1964 schwinn 14

Many Schwinn models offer a choice of coaster brake, or 2 speed or 3 speed hub at extra cost. A brief description of this equipment is given below.
Coaster brake
Most bicycles are equipped with conventional coaster brakes which allow the bike to coast when the rider stops pedaling. The brake is inside the rear coaster hub and is applied by pushing back on the pedals.
Automatic 2 Speed Coaster Brake
Similiar to regular coaster brake but has a built in lower gear for quicker starts or for climbing hills. Shifts from one gear to the other by back pedaling slightly, but not enough to apply the coaster brake which is operated by pushing back all the way on the pedals.
3 Speed Hubs
A rear hub with built-in low gear, normal gear and high gear. Gears are shifted by a lever on the handlebar. Two types of 3 speed hubs are available. The regular 3 speed has no coaster brake, so front and rear brakes are used. The TCW 3 speed has a built-in coaster brake, but a front brake is also used with the TCW on Schwinn models. TCW hubs are optional at extra cost on 3 speed models.
Derailleur Gears
Schwinn derailleur bikes have five cogs, or sprockets, of different sizes on the rear hub and, one, two or three front sprockets (depending on the model). The chain can be "derailed" from one sprocket to another by means of a shifting mechanism, thus changing gears. A 5 speed model has five rear cogs and one front sprocket, a 10 speed has five rear cogs and two front sprockets, and a 15 speed has five rear cogs and three front sprockets. Hand brakes are used on all derailleur models.

1964 schwinn 15

A wonderful experience awaits you if you haven't already tried a bike with derailleur gears. It's the most fun anyone can experience on a bike!
Fast, yes... But that's not all! While it is true that bike racers may reach speeds over forty miles per hour on derailleur bikes, most people ride derailleurs for another reason - to save work and add more pep to their cycling. Why strain muscles when it is easy to let the gears do the work, especially on hills and against the wind? That's the real fun of riding gears that go!
Why so many speeds? Not just to increase speed, but to allow "fine tuning" to fit the ability of the rider to demands of the road and riding conditions. With a full range of gear ratios at his command the rider can avoid unnecessary work, conserve his energy and cover more miles in less time and with less fatigue.

1964 schwinn 16 1964 schwinn jaguar and corvette

Schwinn Mark V Jaguar

Something special - from the front wheel to the rear. Shock absorbing front fork, Schwinn headlight, tank, horn, two tone saddle, carrier, and stainless steel fenders.
Colors: Radiant Coppertone and Black.

Schwinn Corvette

The bike design that sets the pace. Clean, crisp and loaded with extras. Double hinged carrier, stainless steel fenders, whitewall tires and Schwinn light.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Coppertone and Black.

1964 schwinn tiger and fleet

Schwinn Tiger

An outstanding value in cantilever design. Whitewall tires, chrome plated fenders, front carrier, Schwinn headlight, two tone saddle and forged steel fork.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Coppertone and Black.

Schwinn Fleet

Fully equipped, economy priced, and availble in all sizes. Apopular bike for those who appreciate extra value.
Colors: Flamboyant Red or Black. No carrier on 20" size.

1964 schwinn deluxe american and american

Schwinn Deluxe American

100% American made and fully equipped. Lavish chrome trim. Light, tank, horn, chrome fenders, whitewall tires.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue or Coppertone.

Schwinn American

100% American made. Offered in regular or King size with extra large cantilever frame... heavy duty model too.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue, Coppertone or Black. No Coppertone on 24" model. Kingsize model in Flamboyant Red or Black only.

1964 schwinn typhoon and hornet

Schwinn Typhoon

Genuine Schwinn craftsmanship at a popular low price. Schwinn tubular rims and 4-coat baked finish.
Colors: Flamboyant Red or Black.

Schwinn Hornet

Cantilever frame, built in kickstand, front carrier, light, two tone saddle, nylon tires.
Colors: Flamboyant Red or Black.

1964 schwinn 17 1964 schwinn hollywood and fiesta

Schwinn Hollywood

For the girl who wants Schwinn quality at a budget price. A sturdy, beautifully styled bike for day in, day out riding ... designed for compliments too.
Colors: Radiant Blue or White with Rose.

Schwinn Fiesta

Smooth riding, smooth looking, and fully equipped at an economy price. Just look at these features! Chrome trimmed headlight, two tone enamel finish, two tone cushioned saddle, long wearing nylon cord tires, and chrome carrier on 26" and 24" models.
Colors: Radiant Blue or White with Rose.

1964 schwinn american and deluxe american

Schwinn American

A practical and perfect bike for day to day riding to school, to visit friends, or just for pleasure. 100% American made. Genuine Schwinn quality. Chrome fenders, two tone saddle, built in kick stand, nylon cord tires.
Colors: Flamboyant Red, Radiant Blue or White with Rose.

Schwinn Deluxe American

American made for American girls. The Schwinn deluxe American is styled for feminine tastes and riding ease. Quality equipped with chrome fenders, chrome rims, chrome headlight, chrome trimmed tank with a built in horn, two-tone saddle, chrome carrier, and chrome trimmed chainguard.
Colors: Radiant Blue or White with Rose. Rear carrier optional at extra cost.

1964 schwinn starlet

Schwinn Starlet

Gracefully designed, with front carrier, headlight, built in kickstand, two tone saddle, sleek chainguard. A sturdy bike that rides and balances with ease.
Colors: Radiant Blue or White with Rose.

1964 schwinn 18 1964 schwinn bantam and pixie

Schwinn Bantam

Perfect for boys or girls 5 to 7. Complete with training wheels. Fully pnumatic tires, coaster brake.
Colors: Flamboyant Red only

Schwinn Pixie

Built to last. The ideal "first" bike for tots 3 to 5. Complete with training wheels. Coaster brake. Chrome fenders.
Colors: Flamboyant Red or White with Rose.

1964 schwinn barbie and buddy

Schwinn Barbie

The perfect 20" coaster brake model for beginning riders 5 to 7. Equipped with Schwinn designed wheels and tires ... quality features found on top models.
Colors: Radiant Blue only.

Schwinn Buddy

The ideal 20 inch economy priced coaster brake model for boys 5 to 7. Electro Forged cantilever frame. Forged steel fork, one piece crank.
Colors: Flamboyant Red only.

1964 schwinn wasp and cycle truck

Schwinn Wasp

The "newsboy special". Extra sturdy balloon tired bike for messenger work, or delivery service. Also available in a heavy duty model with a heavy duty front hub, 120 gauge spokes.
Colors: Flamboyant Red or Black.

Schwinn Cycle Truck

Heavy duty frame, special heavy duty wheels, balloon tires, 20" front and 26" rear. Heavy 120 gauge spokes. Metal sign for identification. Large basket, 28" x 22" x 11". Small basket, 24" x 16" x 11".
Colors: Flamboyant Red only.

1964 schwinn deluxe stingray and stingray

Schwinn Deluxe Sting-Ray

The all new Sting_ray that's so much fun to ride you have to ride it to believe it. Fully equipped with chrome fenders, deluxe Solo-Polo saddle, nylon whitewall tires - studded rear, middleweight front. Butterfly handlebars, extra large rear reflector.
Colors: Flamboyant Lime, Red, Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue or Violet.

Schwinn Sting-ray

The bicycle with the sports car look. Highly manuverable ... short turning radius .. quick response on starts. Equipped with 20" frame, high traction studded balloon rear tire, standard middleweight front tire, butterfly handlebars, Solo-Polo saddle.
Colors: Flamboyant Lime, Red, Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue or Violet.

Schwinn Fair Lady

A beautiful new Sting-Ray style bike for mother, daughter or even grandmother. This sparkling model is designed with a 20" frame, standard middleweight tires, Solo_polo saddle, butterfly handlebars, rear reflector and attractive white, flower trimmed basket for purse or packages. Radiant Blue, Violet or White with Rose.

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