1963 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1963 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1963.

Mens / Boys bikes:

Mark V Jaguar

1963 schwinn Mark5 jaguar

Schwinn's Finest! Middleweight with Chrome Spring Fork.

Deluxe equipped, Chrome trimmed tank, built - in horn, chrome Schwinn headlight, deluxe luggage carrier, stainless steel fenders. Radiant Coppertobe, black.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Jaguar.


1963 hornet

Cantilever frame! Chrome front Carrier!

Strong tubular enameled rims, two-tone saddle. Flamboyant Red, Black

See complete Schwinn Hornet details.



Specially designed Lightweight! Curved top bar for lower saddle position.

Sturdy Schwinn frame, chrome rims, forged steel fork, tubular rims, nylon sports touring tires, enameled fenders. Flamboyant Red, Radiant blue, black.



Luxurious middleweight modern design! Gleaming colors!

Quality equipped . Deluxe Schwinn headlight, stainless steel! fenders, front carrier, nylon whitewall tires. Flamboyant Red, Radiant blue, coppertone, black.

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Slim-Line tank! Built-in Kickstand! Budget Price!

Schwinn Cantilever frame, tubular rims. Flamboyant red, black.

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cantilever frame! Built-in Kickstand!

Cushioned two-tone saddle, Schwinn tubular rims, forged steel fork. Flamboyant red, black.



New Low priced tandem!

Schwinn lady-back tandem frame, sturdy tubular rims, chrome plated fenders, adjustable chain idler, other fine features. Tandem also offered in Schwinn Town & Country heavy duty model-115-with top quality features, $175.00, suggested Zone 1 price. Also ask your Scwhinn dealer about Schwinn's special delivery bikes- Wasp and Cycle truck.



100% American! Chrome rims! Two-tone saddle!

Schwinn tubular rims, chrome fenders, nylon whitewall tires. Flamboyant Red, radiant blue, white with rose.

Deluxe - American


100% American! Modern design! slim-Line tank! Built-in horn!

Schwinn tubular chrome rims, sparkling chrome rear carrier, nylon whitewall tires. Radiant blue, white with rose.



Perfect-coaster brake model for Girls 5 to 7!

Budget priced bike for beginning riders. Electro-forged frame Schwinn tubular rims. semi-pneumatic tires. Flamboyant blue only.

Co-ed for Girls

1963 Coed

Lightweight Style! Budget priced! Attractive colors!

Flamboyant Red, radiant blue, white on 26". Flamboyant Red, radiant blue on 24".


1963 Starlet

Beautiful styling! Chrome plated front carrier! Built in kickstand.

Schwinn tubular rims, cushioned two-tone saddle, nylon tires. Flamboyant blue, white with rose.


1963 The Schwinn Hollywood

Long lasting Schiwnn Quality! Budget priced.

Schwinn tubular rims, nylon tires, two-tone saddle, built-in kickstand. FLamboyant blue, white with rose.


1963 The Schwinn Fiesta

Sleek design! smooth and easy riding! slim-Line tank!.

Slim-line tank, front fenderlight, chrome rear carrier on 26" and 24". Flamboyant blue, white with rose.

Traveler for Girls

1963 The Schwinn Traveler

Gracefully designed! generator lights! Deluxe equipped!

Stainless steel fenders, tubular chrome plated rims, nylon sports touring white-wall tires, mattress saddle, touring bag. Flamboyant red, radiant blue, white, black.

Varsity Tourist for Girls

1963 The Schwinn Varsity Tourist for girls

10-speed gears! Vivid new colors! Sturdy tubular rims!

10-speed huret derailleur, new 27" wheels, nylon sports tourind tires, chrome plated fenders, forged steel fork. Flamboyant lime, radiant coppertone, radiant sky blue. Children's bikes:


1963 Schwinn Bantam

Convertible. For boys or girls. Pneumatic tires.

A perfect bike for boys and girls 5 to 7, with American-made coaster brake, built-in kickstand, forged steel fork, Flamboyant red.


1963 Schwinn Buddy

Economy priced semi-pneumatic model for boys 5 to 7!

Schwinn cantilever frame, Schwinn tubular rims, semi-pneumatic tires, Flamboyant red only.


1963 Schwinn Pixie

Ideal "First bike" for ages 3 to 5! Converts to girl's model by removing the top bar!


1963 Racer

Popular priced lightweight! Electro-forged diamond type frame!

R11-19", R12-21", R13-23" Frame, flamboyant red, radiant blue, black on 26" and 24"- Flamboyant red, radiant blue on 20" model.


1963 Travelers

Fully equipped tourist bike! Lightweight design. Generator, lights.

W11-19", W12-21", W13-23" Frame. Flamboyant red, radiant blue, black.

Continental Sports

1963 Continental Sports

10 speed gear! Quick release hubs! Road racing tires! racing equipment!

Also available in tourist model, with chrome plated fenders. Flamboyant lime, red radiant coppertone, Sky blue.



10-speed gears! new 27" wheels! Nylon sports touring tires!

10-speed huret derailleur, 45 to 100 gear. Flamboyant lime, flamboyant red, radiant coppertone, radiant sky blue.



Schwinn's Finest! Steel alloy frame! Finest equipment! 10-speed gears!

Sports or tourist models with 10-speed, 3-speed or coaster brake... or custom track bikes. Flamboyant lime, red, radiant sky blue, terra catta, black, white.



10-Speed gears! Deluxe road racing equipment! QUick release alloy hubs!

Three front chainwheels, five rear cogs, powerful climbing gear, 38 to 100 gear. flamboyant lime, red, radiant coppertone.



15-Speed gears! hand-brazed steel alloy frame! Quick release Hubs!

New, short upright frame design, 15-speed derailleur, 38, to 100 gear, deluxe radiant colors- Gold, violet, Sky blue and terra catta.

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