1961 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1961 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1961.

Mens / Boys bikes:

Panther III

1961 schwinn panther 3

Twin Headlights. Two carriers. Trimline tank, horn.

New Schwinn styling. Deluxe equipment. 2 Tone saddle, whitewall tires, chrome fenders. Radiant red, blue, green, black.

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Mark IV Jaguar

1961 Mark4-jaguar

Schwinn's Finest! Tank, Horn, Carrier. Stainless Steel Fenders.

Deluxe equipped. Front and rear carriers, chrome headlight, 2-tone saddle,whitewall tires, lavish chrome trim. Radiant red, blue, green, black.

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1961 streamliner

Schwinn Cantilever frame! Streamlined tank! whitewall tires!

Smart streamline design...tank with horn, chrome rear carrier. Radiant red, blue, green, black.


1961 hornet

Tank and horn. Fender light. Two tone saddle.

Luggage carrier on 26" and 24" sizes. Radiant red or black with ivory rims and trim.

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Schwinn quality. Cantilever frame. Radiant colors.

Radiant red, blue, green, black.

Spitfire / Boys


Schwinn styling. Cantilever frame. Two-tone saddle.

Spitfire red or black enamel.



Most popular. Light, carrier. Stainless steel fenders!

Famous Schwinn cantilever frame, deluxe equipment, spakling chrome trim, whitewall tires. Radiant red, blue, green, black; green in 26" size only.

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Chrome headlight. Front carrier. Whitewall tires.

Popular semi-equipped model. Radiant red, blue, green, black.

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Lowest price. Schwinn quality. Twin bar frame.

A sturdy bike and outstanding value. Red and ivory.

Flying Star for Boys

1961 Schwinn Flying Star for Boys

Outstanding Value! Tank, Light, carrier! Sparkling white Trim!

Here's feature packed Schwinn at a low price. Includes tank, headlight, carrier, tubular rims. Red enamel with white trim.


1961 Schwinn Skpiper

Schwinn Twin-bar Frame! Sparkling Chrome Fenders! 2-Tone saddle!

An exceptional value in high-style schwinn quality bike. Red or black enamel. White Trim.

Balloon tires:


1961-Schwinn Wasp

Balloon tires. Heavy duty. Cantilever frame.

Specially designed for heavy duty utility use ... often called the "news boy's special." Extra built in strength to carry the load with trouble free endurance. 26" by 2 1/8" balloon tires. Radiant red, black.

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Town & Country Tandem


Double strength construction.

Bicycle built for two. Close coupled frame, safe lady back design. Front and rear heavy duty handbrakes.

Girls / Ladies bikes

Fair Lady

1961 Fair Lady

Optional gear shift. Front carrier. Stainless steel fenders.

Beautiful radiant colors, whitewall tires, chrome headlight. Red, blue, green, or white.

Co - Ed

1961 Coed

Front carrier. Chrome headlight. Pastel or radiant colors.

Blue, white and powder blue, white, and rose, red in 26" size only.


1961 Starlet

Tank with horn. Rear carrier. Pastel colors.

No carrieron 20" model. Radiant blue, white and blue, white and rose.


1961 Debutante

Tank and horn. Twin headlights. Two carriers.

Schwinn's star girl's bike. Beautifully finished in baked on colors, lavish with spakling chrome. In radiant red, blue, white and powder blue, white, and rose.


1961 The Schwinn Hollywood

Radiant or pastel colors. Two-tone saddle. Sleek styling.

Radiant red, blue, white and powder blue, white and rose.

Spitfire / girls

1961 Schwinn Spitfire

Schwinn styling. Choice of color. Two-tone saddle.

Spitfire blue, white and powder blue, white and rose.

Tornado - ladies / girls

1961 Schwinn Tornado

Popular price. Schwinn quality. Blue and ivory.

Flying star- ladies / girls

1961 Flying Star for Ladies

Outstanding Value! Tank, Light, Carrier! Sparkling white Trim!

Here's a feature packed Schwinn at a low price. Includes, tubular rims. Blue enamel with white trim.


1961 Schwinn Debbie

Beautiful Styling! chrome Fenders! fashion Colors!

Genuine Schwinn quality in unusually attractive color combinations. White with rose, white with blue, blue enamel.

Children's bikes:


1961 Schwinn Bantam

Convertible. For boys or girls. Pneumatic tires.

The perfect bike for a growing family ... top bar removes quickly and easily to make a practical boy's or girl's model bike. Spitfire red with white trim.


1961 Schwinn Pixie

Semi-pneumatic tires. Training wheels. Convertible -- boys or girls.

Lightweight bikes:


1961 Racer for Boys & girls

Lightweight style. Radiant colors. Popular Price!

Boy's 26" models offered in 19", 21" frame sizes- add $2.00 for 23" frame . Radiant red, blue, green, black, white in 26" sizes. In 24" size no boy's green or girl's black.


1961 Travelers

Lightweight design. Generator, lights. Deluxe equipment.

Boy's model offered in 19", 21" frame sizes --- add $2.00 for 23" frame. Radiant red, blue, green, black, white.

Continental Sports

1961 Continental Sports

10 speed gearshift. Hooded caliper brakes. Racing handlebars.

Speedy and amazingly smooth. 10 speed derailleur gear, high pressure 27" by 1 1/4 inch road racing tires. Radiant red, blue, green, black, or coppertone.

Continental Tourist

1961 Continental Tourist

10 speed gear shaft. lightweight fenders. hand brakes.

Fast and easy riding ... plastic fenders, tourist handlebar, 10 speed derailleur gear, and high pressure 27" by 1 1/4" tires. Radiant coppertone, red, blue, green or black.

Varsity 8 Speed


8 speed gear shaft. Hooded caliper brakes. Racing handlebars.

8-speed derailleur gears for speed ... 26" x 1 1/4" Schwinn rims and tires for durability. Choice of radiant red, blue, green, or black or white.

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