1954 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1954 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1954.

1954 schwinn cover
Great! New Schwinn Bicycles...
The World's Finest!

Schwinn Jaguar

3-speed gears and handbrakes for lively performance... balloon tires for smooth riding...truly a winning combintaion.

Just the right size for little tots!

1954 schwinn traveler Schwinn Traveler

Top-selling lightweight in America, beacuse it's got eveything... 3-speed gears and all popular accessories! And it's American made by Schwinn!

Schwinn Traveler

First choice of Amerucan boys and girls - for sport, utility or pleasure riding. Fully equipped with generator and head and tail light, 3-speed gears, caliper hand brakes, chrome fenders and roomy saddle bag- plus Schwinn Quality Features.

1954 schwinn traveler for girls

Schwinn Traveler

1954 schwinn varsity

Schwinn Varsity

A fine quality lightweight with 3-speed gears.
Superb styling and smooth performance make the Schwinn Varsity a favorite of students and adults alike. 3-speed gears and lightweight construction make peadaling easy... caliper hand brakes assure safe stops. And it's made in America by Schwinn!

Schwinn Varsity

1954 schwinn welterweight

Schwinn Welterweight

Here's the perfect answer to carrying heavy loads- lightly and easily! Double bar frame and struss rods. Equipped with heavy duty spokes. Carries the Famous Schwinn Guarantee. Available with 3-speed hub, front and rear caliper brakes.

1954 schwinn collegiate

Something to Cheer About!
Schwinn Collegiate
Real value and attractive styling in American-Made Lightweights!

Schwinn Collegiate

Here's lightweight cycling st its best, and at low cost. Collegiate's construction assures top-natch performance and miles of trouble-free service... with chrome rims, smart styling, and functional lines. Coaster brake equipped. Made in America by Schwinn.

Schwinn Collegiate

1954 schwinn world

Schwinn World

The perfect choice for those who want a fine quality lightweight! Schwinn Quality Features throughout. Equipped with chainguard, kickstand, coaster brake. It's American made by Schwinn!

Schwinn World

Schwinn Bicycles are made in America- Parts and Servive Readily Available...

1954 schwinn 1 Every Schwinn is Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It!

Nothing in the world like it!

1954 schwinn phantom

Schwinn Phantom

The most beautiful bike you can own!
You've never seen such a bicycle! Completely equipped with every accessory imaginable to delight the eyes of every youngster. Includes Spring Fork, Cyclelock, stop and tail light, chrome trimmed tank, cantilever frame, whitewall tires, genuine leather saddle, chrome fenders.

"My new Phantom sure is a beauty-all the fellows" say it's the swellest looking buke in town"!

One Year Theft Protection-Free...

1954 schwinn starlet

A Special Schwinn Design
Something for the Girls!
Ride a Beautiful

Schwinn Starlet

Here's America's most beautiful bicycle for girls, completely feminine in design, with fashion- wise color combinations no other bicycle can offer- Holiday Rose, Windswept Green or Powder Blue with Summer Cloud White. Equipped with attractive white saddle and grips, quality-built by Schwinn.

1954 schwinn streamliner Super-Strong Cantilever Frame!

Schwinn Streamliner

Another Schwinn exclusive- Cantilever construction that adds extra strength no other bicycle can offer!
A real beauty is Streamlined styling, featuring the partented Cantilever frame for sturdy dependability. Deluxe equipment includes streamlined tank with built-in horn, headlight, truss rods and luggage carrier. Selection of colors in three model sizes.

1954 schwinn 2 Schwinn and Only Schwinn Offers these Exclusive Quality Features

Distinctive Design
Tubular Rims 5 times stronger
Dur-A-Roll Bearings triple heat treated
Electro-Forged Frame for super strength
Long-Life Hubs for safer riding

Schwinn makes more than 70 different models, including the 45 styles listed in this catalog. So no matter what special features or equipment you want, imported or American-made, Schwinn has it- plus famous Schwinn Quality Features not obtainable elsewhere!

1954 schwinn panther

Schwinn Panther

The famous Outstanding combination of deluxe features.
A sparkling new ultra modern bike design. Famous Schwinn Spring Fork, headlight, streamlined frame, koroseal top saddle with chrome hand rails. Chrome trimmed tank, chrome fenders and whitewall tires. Today's outstanding bike buy- and a tops favorite.

Schwinn Panther

1954 schwinn hornet

Schwinn Hornet

An outstanding fine quality at a budget pleasing price!
One of the most attractive models in the big Schwinn line. Streamlined tank with horn, headlight, truss rods, kickstand, Schwinn Quality Features. Luggage carrier (26-inch model only.)

Schwinn Hornet

1954 schwinn wasp

Schwinn Wasp

A brisk riding beauty with the Exclusive Schwinn Cantilever frame!
Fine quality construction features make this unequipped model ideal for utility or pleasure riding where rugged dependability is important. Boys model has patented Cantilever frame.

Schwinn Wasp

1954 schwinn spitfire

Schwinn Spitfire

Where price is important, the Schwinn Spitfire is a wise choice. Includes extra-strong Schwinn frame and other exclusive quality features. Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It!

Schwinn Spitfire

1954 schwinn 3

Sold-Only by factory-franchised Schwinn dealers- Parts and Service readily available.

1954 schwinn spitfire girls

The Schwinn Spitfire...16 Inch
Safe and Sturdy for boys and girls 3 to 5... detachable Cycle Aids

Schwinn Spitfire

For beginners is safe and sturdy, a 16" scaled-down model with the same Quality Features so famous in larger Schwinn Bicycles. Equipped with coaster brake, semi-pneumatic tires and cycle aid.

Schwinn Spitfire

1954 schwinn pixie

Schwinn Pixie

America's only 20 inch Lightweight!
Real lightweight styling and design in 20 inch size for extra easy handling by little folks. Equipped with coaster brake, chainguard, kickstand beautifully finished in choice of four attractive colors.

Schwinn Pixie

This is the Schwinn catalog for 1954.
It is long.
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