1952 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1952 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1952.
1952 schwinn cover
Insist on Schwinn

Zone 1
Retail Ceiling Prices

(OPS Special Order 585 under CPR 7 Section 43 date August 27, 1951)

Model No.

26" Models

Men's and Ladies Description Retail Ceiling Price Zone 1

24" Balloon Models

Men's and Ladies Description Retail Ceiling Price Zone 1

20" Balloon Models

Men's and Ladies Description Retail Ceiling Price Zone 1

16" Juvenile Models

Men's and Ladies Description Retail Ceiling Price Zone 1

26" Lightweight Bicycles

Men's and Ladies Description Retail Ceiling Price Zone 1

24" Lightweight Bicycles

Men's and Ladies Description Retail Ceiling Price Zone 1

These prices apply to all states except Arixone, California, Colorado, Idoha, Montana, New Maxico, Nevada, Oragon, Utan, Washington, Wyoming.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Guaranted "As-Long-As-You-Own-It"

1952 schwinn 1 1952 schwinn 2

Only on Schwinn!
Every Schwinn Guaranteed "As-Long-As-You-Own-It"

Schwinn Exclusive

Insist on Schwinn America's Favorite Bicycle!
Only Schwinn can offer these fine quality features that mean so much more in riding pleasure, so many extra miles of safe, dependable service. SSchwinn-Exclusive Quality features are built into every Schwinn Bicycle, regardless of model, size or price-your assurance of finest quality, unmatched value.

1952 schwinn 4 Schwinn Distinctive Design...

Only Schwinn has the exciting beauty...the spectacular design the whole world recognizes as the Schwinn mark of qaulity. There's no other bike like it!

Electro-Forged Frame...

There's super strength in Schwinn's exclusive frame construction... with specially designed head and hanger features that no other bike offers.

1952 schwinn 2 Dur-A-Roll Bearings...

For smoother riding and easier pedaling with these special high-quality bearings... precision made by Schwinn and triple heat-treated for extra hardness and longer wear. Available only on Schwinn!

Tubular Rims...

5 times stronger by laboratory test...yet lighter in weight. There is a striking difference...because Schwinn builds them, they're not available on any other bike!

Long-Life Hubs...

Exclusive Schwinn front hub design with replaceable cups and cones for a smoother ride and long trouble free service... used only on Schwinn Bicycles!

These Exclusive Features,
plus many other special design features on individual models, make Schwinn America's leading bicycle- preferred by 9 to 1 over any other make.

Arnold, Schwinn and Co. 1718 N. Kildare Avenue, Chicago 39, Illinois. 1952 schwinn panther

Schwinn Panther

The Famous Schwinn Panther
You'll love the ultra-modern sleek styling of the Panther. Super rugge and safe too, it's loaded with deluxe features and fine equipment- one of Schwinn's most popular models.
"Boy, what a beauty! Look at that chrome trim and those racy lines- That's for me!

An Outstanding Combination of Features on One Bicycle!

Imagine, the famous Schwinn Spring Fork, powerful Rocket-Ray headlight, super streamlined Schwinn frame, sleek sturdy chainguard, sturdy luggage carrier, 5-times stronger Schwinn rims, and bright, shiny extra-deep fenders - all in one perfect bicycle. Your choice of several modern two-tone color combinations.

What a thrill to actually own this new Schwinn! Pedal and feel its soft smooth effortless ride. The miles run by when you're on your Schwinn. Drop in to see your Schwinn Dealer today. See his complete line of Schwinn bicycles and ask to see the Panther. You'll want to join the thousands who proudly ride it.

1952 schwinn autocycle

Schwinn Autocycle

Favorite of many for its streamlined beauty and patented cantilever frame, built-in Fenderlite, streamline tank with built-in horn, sturdy luggage carrier and all the famous Schwinn Exclusive Quality Features.

Schwinn Standard Autocycle

The ideal bike for those who desire the added advantages of the patented cantilever frame construction without the special equipment. Included are chainguard, built-in kickstand.

1952 schwinn 5

The Best Bikes in all the World....
"I just love my Schwinn... it's so much easier to pedal!"

1952 schwinn panther and starlet

Schwinn Panther

For Girls
Dazzling beauty to dream about! Bright shiny fenders, sparkling two-tone baked-on enamel finish. So easy to pedal too, and the Schwinn knee-action spring fork eliminates uncomfortable road shacks. All the famous Schwinn Panther features too.

Schwinn Starlet

A dainty luxurious bicycle, that's completely feminine. White grips and saddle and sparkling colors in fashion-wsise hues. Holiday rose with summer cloud White; Windswept green with Luscious Lavender. It's Americas's Leading Ladies Bike.

Schwinn Bikes Are Preferred by over 9 to 11!

1952 schwinn meteor Over 50 Beautiful Models froms Which to Choose!

Schwinn Meteor

The Standard Schwinn for boys...
Finest quality at a price to suit every pocket-book. Feturing Schwinn Exclusive Quality Features, this Schwinn is equipped with the patented built-in kickstand, streamlines chainguard and in fully protected by the famous Long-As-You-Own-It. Guarantee.

Schwinn Meteor

The Standard Schwinn for Girls...
Here's a real beauty at a price that will please your budget. Smooth riding, easy coasting, and safe sure stopping are assured by faultless Schwinn construction. Made with all the famous Schwinn Quality Construction fetures too.

1952 schwinn 6

Schwinn Bikes for every taste in every price class.

"I like Schwinn... I know it's top quality at a price I can afford!" 1952 schwinn leader

Schwinn Leader

The Equipped Standard for Boys...
Top-notch quality and sturdy equipment, including shiny-bright truss rods and the powerful torpedo headlight. A fine equipped bicycle at a really attravtive price.

Schwinn Leader

The Equipped Standard for Girls...
Girls will love the sleek lines and smart styling of this bright new Schwinn. They'll be enthusiastic over the smart truss rods and streamlines headlight that accent the design.

"Only Schwinn Offers so many color combination" 1952 schwinn hornet

The Popular Schwinn Hornet...

"It's a Schwinn for me... I've compared them all and for my money, Schwinn's the best!"

Schwinn Hornet

America's Favorite Bicycle
What a combination! Trim dashing lines, superior Schwinn workmanship, and a complete line-up of equipment including streamlined tank with built-in horn, powerful Rocket-Ray headlight, sturdy luggage carrier, and truss rods. No wonder more kids choose the Schwinn Hornet than any other bicycle...and the low price will amaze you. Fully guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It. Ask to see the "Hornet" at your Schwinn Dealer.

1952 schwinn hornet girls 1

Schwinn Hornet

For Girls...
America's biggest buy in girl's bikes! Elegant styling and complete equipment including streamlined chainguard, tank with built-in horn, Rocket-Ray headlamp, exclusive built-in kickstand, sturdy luggage carrier, and sparkling trim .

1952 schwinn hornet girls 1

Schwinn Phantom

If you want the finest balloon-tired bike money can buy, here it is. The most beautiful bike in the famous Schwinn line, the Phantom is champion of them all- with deluxe features and complete equipment to thrill the heart of every boy.

*Sturdiest construction, patented cantilever frame
*Best quality fittings and equipment throughout
*Beautifully Finished in sparkling colors and chrome trimmings *Guaranteed against loss for one year- against defeat As-Long-As-You-Own-It.

You've never seen such a bicycle! Completely equipped with every accessory imaginable to delight the eye of every youngster. Finest Schwinn craftsmanship throughout. The proudest achievement of three generations of experience in designing and building fine bicycles makes the Phantom the most wonderful bicycle any boy can own!

"My new Phantom sure is a beauty- all the fellows say it's the swellest-looking bike in town!"

See the Colors!

Coach Green and Black.
Light red and Black.

1952 schwinn hornet Schwinn 24 inch wheel Juvenile Bikes for Boys and Girls 9 to 12...

Schwinn Hornet

For Boys 9 to 12...
Exactly scaled down to fit the younger folks. Equipped with tank and built-in horn, Rockcet Ray headlight, sturdy luggage carrier, chrome truss rods, and all the famous Schwinn-Exclusive Quality Features. A popular and leading choice for those who want a fully equipped, sturdy, bicycle fot the growing boy.

Schwinn Juvenile

For Boys 9 to 12...
A popular priced juvenile model in 24 inch wheel size for the growing boy. Ruggedly built to stand the abuse and hard wear of the younger age. Streamlined chainguard, built-in kickstand, full width fenders, plus all the Schwinn Exclusive Quality Features.

1952 schwinn hornet girls What's the Right Age for

Child training authorities agree that bicycle riding develops the child mentally as well as physically. It gives him a sense of independence and builds muscular coordination.
Cycle-Aid training wheels can be attached to bicycles of all sizes, and removed after the child lears to balance. With this added safety feature, even the younger child, from 2 1/2 to 3 years, can enjoy the thrill of owning his own bike.

Schwinn Hornet

For Girls 9 to 12.
Attractive styling and sparkling colors headlight this beautifully equipped girl's bicycle. Luggage carrier, and sparkling-bright fittings and truss rods.

1952 schwinn starlet and juvenile

Schwinn Starlet

For girls 9 to 12...
America's most beautiful juvenile girl's bicycle. Gorgeous pastel colors in gleaming finishes. White grips and white saddle complete the design to make the one truly feminin bike for the growing girl. Rocket-Ray headlight, tank with built-in horn, chrome truss rods, and sturdy carrier. Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It.

Schwinn Juvenile

For Girls 9 to 12...
Smooth styling and sturdy construction combined with reasonable price- finished in attractive shades of mar-resistant baked-on enamel. Built-in kickstand, chainguard, full-width fenders, plus all the famous Schwinn Exclusive Quality Features.

Schwinn is Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It. 1952 schwinn hornet Schwinn Juvenile Bicycles for children 3 to 9...

Schwinn Bantam

For Boys and Girls 3 to 6....
An ideal and proper choice for the "first" bike. Small 16 inch wheels are ideal size to fit the little folks. Equipped with Schwinn Cycle-Aid (as shown) it becomes a safe, easy way to learn to ride. Standard equipment includes coaster brake, semi-pneumatic tires.

Schwinn Hornet

For Girls 6 to 9...
Little girls exclaim with glee over the may handsome features of this outstanding girls' bicycle. Smart styling and beautiful bright enamel finish make it a leading model for the little girl. Popular equipment includes horn, tank, truss rods, and headlight.

1952 schwinn juvenile The first Two Wheeler?

Choose the correct size. The child's first bicycle should fit properly. It is unwise economy for the child to be forced to ride a larger size bike that "he'll grow into". Added weight creates greater hazards, and being unable to touch the ground with his feet and control the bike may result in unnecessary falls for the rider.

Whel the time comes to buy your youngester's first bike- buy the best- buy a Schwinn!

Schwinn Juvenile

For Boys 6 to 9...
Here's the choice for those who want a practical budget-priced bicycle for the little boy. Every part of this sparkling Schwinn was designed for hard use and long wear. Complete with chainguard and built-ib kickstand.

1952 schwinn hornet and juvenile

Schwinn Hornet

For Boys 6 to 9...
Scaled down and fully equipped to delight the younger child. Rugged construction by the famous Schwinn craftsmen so you know it's safe. Fine finish and heavy plate on exposed fittings to withstand hardest wear. Equipment includes tank, horn, truss rods, headlight, and kickstan.

Schwinn Juvenile

For Girls 6 to 9...
Priced to fit the strictest budget, yet beautifully made with every Schwinn Exclusive Quality Feature. Smooth styling and lustrous enamel finish. Sturdily built for toughest long wear.

Schwinn craftsmanship throughout... So you know they're safe! 1952 schwinn world traveler

Schwinn World Traveler

"Gee, Schwinn Lightweights feel light as a feather and ride like the breeze! and they're American made, too!"

For Sport...Utility...or Touring!
For those who want a fine lightweight bicycle, fully equipped with all the popular accessories. Schwinn caliper hand brakes, famous three- speed Sturney. Archer rear hub, self-generating electric headlight, and roomy saddle bag. Schwinn Exclusive Quality Features throughout in smart styling. Made in America so you know it's the best, with service readily available.

1952 schwinn world traveler

Schwinn World Traveler

For Girls...
The same quality features and many popular accessories in the girl's New World Traveler. It's light weight makes it so easy to pedal, and the three-speed gearshift just eats up the hills.

Three speed hubs derailleur, and the famous Sturney Archer hub are available.
Lighting sets are a necessity for night riding. All of the well known makes will fit your Schwinn.

1952 schwinn continental Schwinn makes the World's Finest!

Schwinn Continental

For Men...
Truly a special quality bicycle with chrome molybdenum frame and fork construction for extra light weight and added strength. Top quality foreign style equipment, includes dural hubs, caliper hand brakes, three-piece crank, chrome fenders, and smooth rolling freewheeling.

Schwinn Continental

For Ladies'...
Ultra smooth, smart continental styling keynotes this fashionable bicycle. Opalescent tones in baked-on enamel with sparkling trim. Finest cheom molybdenum frame and fork construction, equipped with dural hubs, three-piece crank, chrome fenders, hand caliper brakes and free wheeling.

1952 schwinn world

Schwinn World

For Men...
A perfect choice for those who want a fine quality lightweight at a reasonable price. Schwinn quality throughout and fully equipped with chainguard, kickstand, and coaster brake. Hand brakes are available at a slight extra charge.

Schwinn World

For Ladies'...
Smartest styling and fine quality at a popular price. Lightweight construction assures a smooth effortless ride. Equipped with coaster brake and chrome rims.

1952 schwinn world and juvenile

Schwinn World Juvenile

For Boys 9 to 12...
Here is a fine lightweight bike, scaled down exactly for the younger boy. Distinctive adult styling and lustrous finish. Schwinn construction withstands roughest treatment. Equipped with coaster brake.

Schwinn Juvenile World

For Girls 9 to 12...
An ultra smart lightweight bicycle that has become so popular among the younger set. The same fine Schwinn Quality throughout and equipment includes coaster brakes, built-in kickstand, and sparkling finishes.

1952 schwinn 7 Saddle Bags

are added accessory that make touring a pleasure and a joy.


For every need including rat trap racing pedals and padded touring pedals.

Write for special catalog showing complete line of Schwinn Lightweight, Clubman, and Racing models.
schwinn s seat

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