1950 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1950 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1950. 1950 schwinn cover 1950 schwinn 1

3 Famous Guarantees Loss Guarantee

Every Schwinn Bicycle equipped with the Cycelock is protected against theft one year by this outstanding guarantee.

1950 schwinn 2

Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It!

Every standard Schwinn bicycle carriers this famous guarantee of quality. Every Schwinn owner can be proud of it, because he knows that with it, he owns America's Finest Bicycle.

1950 schwinn 3

Guaranteed Motorized Bicycle

An unusual and important assurance of quality on heavy duty bicycles adaptable for use with motors.

1950 schwinn panther

Schwinn Panther

America's most popular luxury styled bicycle at an unusually low price.

Super styling and super equipment on this outstanding Schwinn Panther. Famous for its many big features including the Schwinn knee-action spring fork, whitewall tires, two-tone finish, chrome-plated fenders, and chrome trimmed tank with a built-in horn.

1950 schwinn world

Schwinn World

For features, design and workmanship, these bicycles outrank any in their class. Ideal for shopping, touring and exercise.

1950 schwinn traveler

Schwinn Traveler

Designed for extensive everyday use- for sport or utility and touring. At travtively priced and equipped with three-speed hub, and generator light.

1950 schwinn continental

Schwinn Continental

A fine light foriegn type bicycle for touring and exercise. The perfect companion for your next vacation.

1950 schwinn 4 1950 schwinn paramount racer

Schwinn Paramount Racer

A standard among American bicycle racers, professional and amateur alike. The finest bicycle built anywhere is the world. Also available...The Schwinn Paramount Tourist line.

1950 schwinn bantam

Schwinn Bantam

Small in size for kiddies 3 to 6. Exactly scaled down from the larger Schwinns. Order it with the Schwinn Cycle-Aid two additional wheels for added security. Schwinn Guaranteed.

1950 schwinn j 46

Schwinn J-46

Exactly scaled-down and completely equipped for the younger child. Tank, horn, truss rods, tarpedo light. Schwinn quality construction. 20 inch wheel size for children 6 to 9. Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It.

1950 schwinn j 30

Schwinn J-80

The popular low-priced 24" wheel juvenile. Many tire Schwinn features, including a streamlined chain guard and built-in Kickstand. Guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It.

1950 schwinn j 28

Schwinn J-28

The finest in boy's juvenile bicycles. Tops in styling and tops in equipment, including whitewall tires, tank with built in horn, luggage carrier and many others. For younger boys, 6 to 9.

1950 schwinn j 40

Schwinn J-40

A popular low priced 20 inch wheel Schwinn featuring a built-in kickstand, chain guard, and sparkling long wearing finishes. Guaranteed As-Long-As-YOu-Own-It. An ideal bicycle for children 6 to 9.

1950 schwinn j 86

Schwinn J-86

Fully equipped for children 9 to 12. Features include tank, horn, torpedo light, truss rods and many other Schwinn wuality features that make this a bike you'll be proud to own. Guaranteed As-Long-As-YOu-Own-It.

1950 schwinn 5 1950 schwinn 6 1950 schwinn phantom

Schwinn Phantom

The finest, most complete bicycle in the world. Luxury equipment, includes chrome fender, cycelock, spring fork, special colors, and many other outstanding Schwinn exclusive features. Don't miss this bicycle at your dealer. Ask to see .

1950 schwinn 6 of 1
1950 schwinn 7

The Schwinn Tubular Rim... Strong, safest, and longest lasting. Hollor double section construction.

The Schwinn Spring Fork... Knee action gives a smooth ride over the roughest roads.

1950 schwinn 8 1950 schwinn autocycle

Schwinn Autocycle

The standard leader of the bicycle field. Schwinn equipment includes tank, built-in horn, kickstand, streamlined chain guard and many other.

1950 schwinn d 19

Schwinn D-19

Fully equipped standard boys bicycle. Price with right with top quality Schwinn construction. Carriers all the popular equipment including tank, horn, Rocket Ray light, luggage carrier, and others.

1950 schwinn d 13

Schwinn D-13

Here's a new Schwinn the boys all go for. Tops in quality and equipped with chrome plated truss rods and a powerful torpedo light. Built-in kickstand and chain guard are standard.

1950 schwinn hollywood

Schwinn Hollywood

America's most popular girls bicycle. Smooth styled features include the Schwinn fenderlite, streamlined chain guard, tank with a built-in horn, chrome tubular rims.

1950 schwinn d 69

Schwinn D-69

Fully equipped standard girls bicycle. The biggest value in girls bicycles. Equipment includes luggage carrier, Schwinn tubular rims, tank, horn and many other fetures.

1950 schwinn d 53

Schwinn D-53

Girls exclaim over this bright Schwinn. And such a value! Special equipment includes the sparkling truss rods and safe bright torpedo light for night riding. Many attractive color combination.

1950 schwinn d 12

Schwinn D-12

There's a Schwinn to fit every purse. Here's a fine quality low priced model that the kids really go for. Built-in kickstand, chain guard, finest baked-on enamel finish.

1950 schwinn b 4

Schwinn B-4

A practical bike for those who prefer the streamlined cantilever frame construction without the special equipment. Chainguard, kickstand, chrome truss rods.

1950 schwinn d 62

Schwinn D-62

Girls and their parents alike exclaim over this low priced fine Schwinn bike. Built-in kickstand and gay colors. Like all the Schwinns, it's guaranteed As-Long-As-You-Own-It!

1950 schwinn s 4

Schwinn S-4

Designed for use with the Whizzer motor. Heavy duty spokes, the Schwinn Farewheel brake, the Schwinn Spring Fork. Carriers the Schwinn motorized bike guarantee.

1950 schwinn 10

The Schwinn Spring Fork...kneee acion gives a smooth ride over the roughest roads.

The Schwinn Cycelock... every cycelock bicycle is guaranteed a full year against theft.

The Schwinn Rim Brake... for safety, every bike must have this extra brake.

1950 schwinn starlet

Schwinn Starlet

The newest thing in girls bicycle. Pedaling pastel colors following the trent of the nation's fashion designers. Gorgeous new shades with feminine white saddle, grips and tires.

1950 schwinn panther for girls

Schwinn Panther

For Girls companion model to the boys panther, it carriers the same fine Schwinn equipment and luxurious styling. See it today at your Schwinn dealer.

schwinn s seat

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